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  • Growth can come from developing new products for existing customers, increasing market share or increasing market size. "Going Global" may be the best choice for increasing market size.

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Achieving a good return on investment from an IT project is always a challenge. For smaller companies with limited IT budgets achieving that objective is even more challenging.

Trilliant International's mission is to help clients extract the most value from their information technology investment by delivering software development and web design services built on the latest Microsoft technology. Our principals have years of experience designing and developing solutions on an ASP.NET and SQL Server foundation.

While our team has the technical expertise to interact with project managers and developer teams they also have the maturity and experience to work with managers and executives at all levels of the enterprise.

Mission-Driven Websites

The primary objective of company website is to deliver a clear and compelling message about the company and its products. Anything that distracts from that message diminishes the return on investment in the website development. We understand how to design and develop websites that adhere to that Principle.

Software Development

Trilliant services include architecting, designing and developing .NET applications using ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Web API, Web Forms, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQLServer, TSQL and other relevant technologies.

Business Consulting Services

Trilliant’s principals have years of business, marketing and technical experience with large international corporations. Many of the core competencies that drive large enterprise success apply to smaller businesses and we can deliver them.