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The Trilliant International™ Directory of Japan Aerospace Companies

Catalogs in Multilingual Websites

A catalog is an integral element of a multilingual eCommerce website and a common feature in other types of sites. An important design objective is to achieve a transparent transition from one language to another. None of the other page elements should change, i.e. the look and feel of the site must remain the same.

Maintaining a multilingual catalog presents a very different technology challenge from simply producing multilingual website pages. A catalog changes frequently, as often as many times a day. Trilliant’s multilingual content management system is designed from the ground up to make administering multilingual catalogs efficient and cost effective.


Directory of Japan Aerospace Companies

The Japan Aerospace Directory was a demonstration project for a conference in Japan. When someone who’s browser is set to prefer Japanese views the directory it will automatically appear in Japanese. You may view the Japanese content by clicking on the Japanese link.

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