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Multilingual eCommerce Solutions

Multilingual eCommerce Solutions

"Go Global" with your eCommerce site.

Potential customers are visiting your site. But are they buying? If they're buying could you sell more if your product descriptions were in their language?

Whether they’re selling internationally or not, U.S. retailers are being visited in significant numbers by shoppers from foreign lands, according to the Internet Retailer survey of IRNewsLink e-newsletter readers conducted in 2010 by e-mail marketing and survey firm Vovici Corp.


Build your online shop with our multilingual eCommerce solution.

With the Trilliant International™ Multilingual eCommerce Solution your site will look the same to all customers but your product descriptions will be presented in their language. They won’t have to guess at your meaning and it will be much easier for them to progress from shopping to buying.

The Trilliant International™ Multilingual eCommerce Solution:

  • Online shop look and feel remains the same in all languages.
  • Product descriptions and other site content translated into the customer's language.
  • International shipping rates supported.
  • We'll help you set up your merchant account for secure online payments.