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International Marketing & Public Relations Services

International Marketing & Public Relations Services

Prepare to "Go Global"

Our mission at Trilliant International™ is to help small to medium size companies successfully expand into the international marketplace.

Growing a company is always a challenge; achieving growth in tough economic times is even more challenging. Growth can come from developing new products for existing customers, increasing market share or increasing market size. "Going Global" may be the best choice for increasing market size.


Add Trilliant International™ to your marketing team.

What Trilliant International™ can add to your international marketing efforts can be summed up in three words: experience, expertise and access.

We've planned and executed successful campaigns in markets as diverse as Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan. We have a worldwide network of contacts. We offer a full range of marketing and public relations services:

  • Market Analysis
  • Multilingual Marketing Campaigns
  • Multilingual Public Relations Campaigns