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Demand Response (DR)

Reduce or shift peak demand load with our Demand Response (DR) solution

To be effective, demand response implementations must enable utilities to lower peak demand when needed. By lowering peak demand, utilities can postpone capital investments in generation capacity and reduce the need to purchase energy at peak prices. As consumers become more aware of their energy consumption habits, they will have the knowledge to act to lower their consumption regardless of motivation be it economic or environmental.

We provide an end to end solutions and services to enable utilities and consumers to take advantage of Demand Response programs. From enabling consumer behavioral demand response and load control, to Demand Response using energy management tools for residential & large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

Behavior based demand response is achieved through customers understanding their energy consumption patterns and the effect it has on their energy costs. Targeted demand response refers to shedding load by reducing load to targeted areas such as industrial parks, large businesses, transformer feeders or even by zip code within the network.

Features & Benefits

  • Trilliant provides two-way communication with superior advantages over the one-way paging system
  • Improved connectivity rate (99%) ensuring more participants are reached for each event
  • Improved detection rate of the failed Load Control
  • Sensor level intelligence with improved cycling capability controlling HVAC
  • Post event analysis such as a load drop
  • Improved customer satisfaction and participation data for predictive modeling
  • Improved visibility and balance between power generation (renewables) and consumption
  • Reduced operation cost with visibility to device failure, improved reliability and reduced unnecessary truck rolls