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Suite Metering

Trilliant is the industry's leading suite metering expert.

A Proven History of Success

  • Trilliant’s Suite Metering Solution is specifically designed for the North American marketplace and is developed and manufactured in Canada.
  • We have completed over 750 Suite Metering projects representing approximately 300,000 new customer accounts for our clients.
  • Providing Suite Metering equipment, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to our customers.
  • In 2020, through a strategic acquisition, Trilliant expanded their product line to include additional options for multi-tenant operators.
  • Trilliant’s Meter Shop provides customers with a full-service install option. From system design to procurement and deployment, our team of experts will develop the perfect solution for your new or existing metering project.

Trilliant provides Measurement Canada testing of all metering equipment, and in-situ verification as per the SE-04 specification.

Solutions and Services that Enhance Your Business 

Trilliant’s Suite Metering solution was developed for use with both Smart Grid and Smart City applications across Canada. All of Trilliant’s suite meter deployments provide customers with advanced technologies that bring together multiple services that enhance the customer experience while streamlining operational processes. A few of these opportunities include:

    • Building Assessment
    • Project Management
    • Data Management Services
    • System Deployment
    • Supply and Installation
    • Read / Bill Collection Services (Meter to Cash)
    • Maintenance & Support
    • Financing
    • Commissioning & SE-04 Inspection

Suite Metering: Empowers Customers with Enhanced Control

Customers are able to manage and control their utility costs.

Suite metering is proven to promote energy efficiency within multi-unit projects.

Allows for participation in advanced pricing models and demand response initiatives.

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