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At the Convergence of Innovation and Practical Application – Trilliant and the University of Salford Partner to Drive Energy Efficiency Breakthroughs

The University of Salford’s Energy House is playing an important role in the UK’s fight against climate change

Windsor, U.K. – (November 19, 2020) – Trilliant, a global provider of revolutionary smart communications solutions in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), smart energy and smart city space, and the University of Salford Energy House continue to generate data on smart meter performance providing insight into energy efficiency initiatives.

The University of Salford’s Energy House is a fully furnished, terraced house that has been installed inside of an environmentally controllable chamber. Since 2018, Trilliant has worked with the University of Salford to embed their hybrid wireless communications solutions into the energy house. Utilising Trilliant’s UnitySuite® and connected devices has allowed the University of Salford to continuously gather data providing enhanced analytics on everyday appliances, simulated user trends and external factors that may affect performance.

“Since its development in 2011, the Energy House has provided us with reliable insight on how to reduce energy consumption,” said Dr. Richard Fitton of the University of Salford. “With the launch event for Energy House 2.0 having just taken place, we are keen to expand upon our relationship with Trilliant to receive data digitally from a multitude of sensors using different wireless technologies to help prove the benefit of the customer centric energy use journey.”

The next phase of their partnership with the Energy House involves the further implementation of Trilliant’s hybrid wireless communications platform, to offer a vendor agnostic approach that enables the reuse of existing data, and infrastructure.

Trilliant’s standards based, high bandwidth wireless Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology features an adaptive solution to install next generation smart meters. This solution offers the ability to outfit any type of building including multi-tenant, high-rise situations, and enables outcomes such as prepayment, remote connect and disconnect, and access to customer portals.

“Partnerships with organization such as the University of Salford are essential to Trilliant’s culture of continuous improvement in quality, and our dedication to leaving a positive lasting impact on the planet,” said Andy White, CEO and chairman of the board for Trilliant. “Trilliant is committed to global innovation that is driven at the local level to solve problems of today for a greener tomorrow.”

Trilliant’s technology also allows for the easy adoption of applications such as pollution monitors, and traffic sensors which Salford intends to install. Due to the rising levels of air pollution across the UK, and increasing health concerns, there is a growing demand for applications that enable decarbonisation and sensor-based air quality monitoring systems.

“Environmental monitoring solutions, similar to that which will be installed by Salford, are easily integrated into other applications and connectivity infrastructure, allowing access to the data openly and across a variety of platforms,” said Richard Wiles, vice president of the UK and Ireland for Trilliant. “Trilliant’s focus is to enable partners across the globe with the ability to use the best of breed sensors today and into the future.”

Incorporating air pollution monitoring capabilities into the Energy House will help the university to gather and analyze data, creating actionable outcomes. Trilliant connected devices offer a future-proof solution, mitigating risks as customer needs evolve. Together, the University of Salford and Trilliant are working to create a more sustainable world.


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