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Connected World Magazine Named Trilliant 2015 Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Winner

Redwood City, CA (June 8, 2015) — Trilliant announced today that the company has been named the 2015 Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation winner by Connected World magazine. Winners are chosen by an editorial panel representing a cross section of the industry and recognize companies who showcase the most forward-thinking and technologically-advanced solutions, services and platforms, that change people’s lives and the way businesses operate.

Trilliant is recognized for its robust and proven Smart Communications Platform, which has delivered real benefits to leading utilities and cities around the world. The flexible and powerful Trilliant Platform gives utilities and cities a secure, proven and flexible best-of-breed Smart Communications Platform that enable utilities and cities to deploy, not only the end-to-end Smart Grid applications of today, but also the Smart Cities and IoT applications of tomorrow.

With Trilliant’s robust and proven Smart Communications Platform, utilities and cities will be able to leverage one powerful, secure, multi-purpose, future-proof Platform to reap the benefits of advanced data analytics and edge intelligence as more smart applications, including smart grid, smart cities, and IoT applications come online and their business models and needs evolve. Supported by a strong ecosystem of industry partners, the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform enables utilities and cities to leverage Trilliant’s best-of-breed Smart Communications Platform to have the most flexibility and options to choose best-of-breed application and analytics partners.

Trilliant is delighted to be recognized by Connected World magazine and will continue innovating to help utilities and cities around the world realize their “Smart” visions and deliver real benefits to their customers, operations and societies.

“Trilliant platform rates high with utilities and cities helping them realize their vision of becoming smart – improving energy efficiency, reliability, and lowering operating costs,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

“Trilliant is pleased to have been recognized as an IoT Innovation Winner,” said Andy White, CEO of Trilliant. “We look forward to continuing our innovation with the goal to deliver real smart grid and smart cities benefits to our customers, their operations and citizens.”

Trilliant will share its thought leadership on the transition from Smart Grid to Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) at Asian Utility Week on June 9 at 2:50 PM Bangkok Time.

To learn more, meet Trilliant at Asian Utility Week booth #54 or visit


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Trilliant helps leading utilities and energy retailers around the world achieve their smart grid visions through the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform, the only communications platform purpose-built for the energy industry that helps utilities securely and reliably deploy any Smart Grid – AMI, DA and DSM, and Smart City applications, on one powerful network. Trilliant has worked with leading utilities worldwide who collectively serve more than 85 million customers. The Trilliant Platform helps utilities and energy retailers enhance energy efficiency, improve grid reliability, lower operating costs, integrate renewable energy resources and electric vehicles, and empower consumers to better manage their energy consumption. For more information, visit

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