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At Trilliant, we succeed when our customers do. We have worked with leading global utilities to successfully implement our industry leading purpose-built communications platform solutions overcoming even the most complex challenges.

We have a broad ecosystem of partners to ensure our customers’ success which includes many of the global leaders in metering and utility technology.

Systems Integration

Integration with existing utility systems is a critical part of a utility’s smart grid deployment planning, and effective system integration is a critical ingredient to any successful program.  Trilliant partners with both local and global system integrators to ensure our customers’ success.  Integrators we have worked with include:

Software and Analytics

Trilliant partners with Smart Grid software vendors to provide a best-of-breed ecosystem for total Smart Grid solutions. The software from Trilliant’s partners compliments Trilliant’s powerful Smart Communications Platform to offer utilities the most flexibility to choose the best-of-breed application and analytics software providers.

Distribution Automation (Smart Distribution)

Trilliant’s Broadband Mesh solutions provide a communication network that enables distribution automation solutions for leading vendors such as Cooper, and Telvent. The Trilliant Broadband Mesh’s SecureMesh WAN provides the intelligent and secure backhaul for grid devices to communicate with their head-end systems. These partnership provide proven, tested, and interoperable distribution automation solutions that connect to a variety of grid devices.

Smart Metering (including some of our OSDI partners)

Many of the world’s most innovative meter vendors support the Trilliant Platform, with RF mesh and cellular communications, and Trilliant supports meter vendors through open, interoperable communications.  The following meter vendors actively support the Trilliant platform:

Smart Cities/Smart Street Lights (including some of our OSDI partners)

To help utilities and cities deploy the best-of-breed Smart Cities and Smart Streetlight applications, Trilliant partners with leading Smart Cities/Street Light vendors to leverage the powerful Trilliant Smart Communications Platform.

Smart Consumer Solutions

For consumer solutions, Trilliant partners with a variety of leading manufacturers to provide solutions for in-home displays, remote appliance controllers, programmable communicating thermostats and other smart home devices.  These partnerships allow the Smart Grid to reach into the home for customizable consumer energy efficiency and demand response solutions.

Trilliant follows the highest level of professionalism and integrity as it relates to business ethics and conduct. We expect all of our employees, business partners, and suppliers to follow the principles outlined in our Code of Conduct. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of corruption, bribery and extortion.

Please download and read our full Code of Conduct document for a comprehensive understanding of our business ethics and conduct.

Trilliant Code of Conduct