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Future Energy Challenges to Take Spotlight at European Utility Week 2017

From street lights to a dedicated Smart Meter System Operator Solution (SMSO), Trilliant leads the way in addressing future energy challenges in Europe and the world

Amsterdam, NL. – (September 29, 2017) – Trilliant, the key technology provider of the most widely used AMI solution in the UK and a global provider of IoT and smart energy communications solutions, will exhibit at European Utility Week from October 3-5 in Amsterdam.

“Trilliant is passionate about empowering our customers through connectivity,” said Andy White, chairman and CEO of Trilliant Networks. “We want to take every opportunity to empower utility and energy providers to exciting, new places with actionable intelligence on an open and secure communications platform.”

Trilliant, located in booth #2D11, will be showcasing their latest street lighting solutions along with their Smart Meter System Operator Solution (SMSO) which has taken the UK by storm with several commitments from leading energy providers.

European Utility Week, part of the Global Utility Week series, spans a global network of 150,000 smart energy professionals. European Utility Week is the premier landmark event in Europe for the entire smart utility sector, and will accumulate over 12,000 international smart energy stakeholders and 600 exhibitors. The event brings together energy professionals to learn, network, collaborate and share expertise and information on a global level.

Media interviews will be available throughout the event to discuss Trilliant’s solutions. To learn more about Trilliant, visit trilliant.com or stop by their European Utility Week booth #2D11.


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Trilliant® offers the energy industry’s only enterprise-wide Smart Communications Platform for connecting the internet of things (IoT) through a secure, standards-based, multi-technology, open spectrum solution. With three decades’ experience and the most field-proven and globally compliant solution, Trilliant maximizes smart grid and smart city investments and makes operations future-ready. www.trilliant.com

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