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Green Energy Options Ltd joins Trilliant Interoperability Group – Opening the Market for UK Smart Meter Roll-out

Windsor, UK – 20th January 2012 – Today, GEO, joined the Trilliant Interoperability Group, which unifies multiple home energy management devices within a single eco-system.  The Group enables utilities to create a clear, low risk route to help consumers cut their energy bills by up to 10 percent – by installing smart meters.

The Communications Hub Interoperability Group is an alliance built to provide a simple yet  cost effective way for UK utilities to adopt smart metering; to expedite the benefits of money saving energy management technology to consumers and to support DECC in their drive forward of the National Smart Metering roll out.  The benefits of deploying interoperable products will be manifold for utilities, government and consumers – lower product and system development costs; introduction of consumer choice and less complex business processes.

Including GEO, nine industry players and in-home display providers have come together within Trilliant’s Interoperability Group, which utilises smart energy standards developed by Zigbee and the Smart Specification Working Group (SSWG).

The Government has identified smart meters as a key energy efficiency technology and is aiming for 52 million smart meters to be installed in 30 million homes and businesses in the UK between 2014 and 2019. The scale of this roll-out demands collaboration to ensure fast and efficient implementation.

Recent research commissioned by the European Smart Metering Industry Group found that UK households have the potential to achieve annual savings of £938 million a year by measuring and managing their electricity use using smart meters.  One of the key barriers to this roll out is the technical complexity of the multiple energy management devices on the market.  By unifying these manufacturers, Trilliant is aiming to limit the time and expense of separate standalone equipment roll-outs, and provide a simpler, more robust offering for utilities.

Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO at GEO said:

“GEO has been an innovative thought leader in the presentation of energy information and has become a market leader. As the field of energy displays is now evolving rapidly, interoperability is a key requirement for both products and the web services that go with them from here on. We’re pleased to be working with partners such as Trilliant which have leading parts to play in connecting elements of the smart meter infrastructure together”.

The products brought to market through the Interoperability Group will cover a wide range of products, technologies and approaches, but are all oriented towards providing consumers with better information about their energy consumption, and empowering those consumers to make better decisions about energy use.

Jon Parr, Managing Director, EMEA, Trilliant, said:

“The Government has set an ambitious, but achievable, target for utilities to roll out smart meters in UK homes and businesses.  This Interoperability Group together with the output of the SSWG, will help utilities speed up the roll-out , with less risk, by offering them an environment where multiple energy management devices and technologies can securely and effectively talk to one another.”

About Green Energy Options Ltd (GEO)

Based in the UK and Germany GEO is now a leading provider of in-home displays, mobile and on-line services for UK and international domestic energy markets.

GEO’s products and services are designed to engage users and giving utilities the ability to build their relationship with their customers. GEO prides itself on combining the benefits of products and on-line services that together deliver flexible, scalable solutions that are innovative and offer clear business value. GEO also supplies meter manufacturers with in-home displays that enhance their smart offering to utilities. In particular, GEO designs, develops and supports customised solutions for businesses that are looking to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market space.

As utilities look to move their proposition away from commodity to a service, GEO’s products provide them with tools that put consumers in control of their energy, improving the comfort of their homes and whilst being environmentally responsible.

GEO has seen significant growth since its inception in 2006 and has now sold over 1.4million displays. With a team of 35 direct staff and more than 250 people through outsourced work GEO manages its own supply chain in China, which is capable of delivering over 100,000 units a month. Online development is managed in-house with the support of experienced partners, giving piece of mind to their clients.

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