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Milton Hydro Teams With Trilliant to Expand Time-of-Use Billing to All Residential Customers With Smart Meters

Milton Hydro, a local utility distribution company located in southern Ontario, along with Trilliant Incorporated, the leader in delivering Smart Grid solutions that enhance energy efficiency, utility operations, and renewable resource integration, today announced the expansion of Milton’s existing Smart Grid initiative. Milton, who first delivered Time-of-Use (TOU) billing to its customers in 2005, now provides TOU billing for over 21,000 consumers. The solution is already in full production at Milton, including Trilliant hosted data services and software, and provides for two-way communication capabilities between Milton Hydro and their customers. Furthermore, Milton has successfully completed production testing and enrollment with the province’s centralized Meter Data Management and Repository (MDM/R) system.  This system is operated by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in its capacity as the Smart Metering Entity.

Milton, part of the Greater Toronto Area, is Canada’s fastest-growing community, and is expected to reach nearly 150,000 residents by 2021. One of the earliest supporters of the government’s smart metering program, Milton Hydro has been using Trilliant technology since 2005 and is currently billing most of their customers on TOU rates. All new residential customers, approximately 2,000 per year, are immediately placed on TOU billing. Trilliant’s SecureMesh™ technology and associated data center applications include the necessary interfaces for integration with the MDM/R. Milton is one of the first utilities in Ontario to support TOU rates through the MDM/R.

The Government of Ontario, Canada, through the “Energy Conservation Responsibility Act in 2006”, has mandated the installation of smart meters in all Ontario businesses and households by 2010.  Milton Hydro has completed the installation of smart meters for all their residential customers and all customers shall be on TOU billing by this fall, making Milton the first utility to fully implement Smart Metering and TOU billing.

“Trilliant has been a strategic partner of ours for many years and continues to play a central role in helping us realize our plans to be a leader in the adoption of information technology that benefit our customers,” said Frank Lasowski President and CEO at Milton Hydro. “In addition, we’ve deployed SkyPilot equipment as part of our smart metering program and Trilliant’s recent acquisition of SkyPilot highlights their commitment to complete Smart Grid solutions. Very simply, Trilliant offers a working solution that meets or exceeds the Advanced Metering Infrastructure specifications and helps Milton Hydro bring new levels of value to our customers.”

“With a vision for the Smart Grid and the widespread implementation of TOU billing, Milton Hydro is creating a blueprint for other utilities to follow,” said Andy White, CEO of Trilliant. “Milton Hydro not only provided its customers with a successful, cost-effective rollout of smart meters and the assurance of continued wise energy management services, but also with a model that provides for easy adoption of new capabilities in the future.”

About SecureMesh Technology
Trilliant’s SecureMesh technology uses IEEE standard 802.15.4 radios to form highly reliable, high-speed mesh networks for real-time communications. SecureMesh-enabled electric meters form a ubiquitous wireless network enabling meter and in-home device connectivity with Trilliant’s Unity Application Suite.  This ubiquitous wireless network provides utilities unprecedented visibility into energy consumption, enabling them to reduce operational costs, give consumers additional control over their energy consumption, increase grid reliability, and reduce carbon emissions.  SecureMesh technology is at the heart of the largest wireless mesh Smart Grid deployment in North America.

About Milton Hydro
Milton Hydro Distribution Inc., a local distribution company, is responsible for distributing electricity to more than 27,000 business and residential customers within the Town of Milton. Milton Hydro Distribution Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Milton Hydro Holdings Inc. and owned by the Town of Milton, has been providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity service for nearly a century.