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Olameter Acquires Trilliant’s Manual Meter Reading Division

Olameter Inc. and Trilliant Energy Services jointly announced today that Olameter has purchased certain manual meter reading and associated services operations and contracts from Trilliant Incorporated. The terms of the deal between the two private companies were not disclosed.

As a result of this agreement, Trilliant has assigned its Ontario manual meter reading contracts to Olameter, and Olameter will assume responsibility for all outstanding related service proposals submitted by Trilliant Energy Services Inc. The contracts and proposals being assigned relate to manual meter reading, meter installations, and associated handheld system solutions. The transaction also involves the transfer of some eighty (80) field staff, as well as the management and administrative personnel based in Guelph, Ontario, to Olameter.

Trilliant will continue to provide its full suite of Smart Metering software and hardware products and solutions for ASP services to support advanced metering, meter shop, and sub-metering (suite metering) services, as well as the full scope of its Smart Grid offerings to clients in Canada and worldwide.

“We are very pleased at the prospect of working closely with Olameter to transition our manual reading services for key Ontario clients. After considerable evaluation, Trilliant selected Olameter for its scope of operation and experience in providing high quality customer service to the Ontario utility secto. The selection of Olameter reinforces Trilliant’s commitment to focus on its core competency of advanced networks and services while assisting its strategic partners in providing value-added services,” says Bill Vogel, Founder, Senior Vice President Strategic Development. “This move has the full support of our Ontario clients, who have encouraged us to continue our focus on the business of Smart Grid Networks and Smart Meter Services as the best way to support their current and future needs.”

Mr. Jan Peeters, Olameter’s President and CEO stated, “This acquisition will further efforts to bring cost-effective, efficient, and technologically-advanced solutions to utilities across North America. Olameter and Trilliant are looking forward to other areas of collaboration to help utilities navigate smoothly through smart meter implementation, data management, and smart meter network management issues.”