OZZ Corporation and Trilliant Sign Unified Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Agreement with Hydro One and Hydro One Brampton for 1.3 Million Meters - Trilliant

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OZZ Corporation and Trilliant Sign Unified Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Agreement with Hydro One and Hydro One Brampton for 1.3 Million Meters

Ozz Corporation and Trilliant Incorporated announced on October 24 an agreement with Hydro One Networks and Hydro One Brampton to supply 1.3 million AMI-enabled meters in support of the Hydro One Smart Meter initiative throughout the Province of Ontario.

Unified AMI enables a common network investment to serve complementary applications for consumers, enterprise, workforce, and grid. Unified AMI also improves performance and functionality using interoperable components from best-in-class suppliers.

“Our standards-based AMI solution is receiving strong utility participation and acceptance,” said Bill Vogel, Founder, Senior Vice President Strategic Development for Trilliant. “We are very pleased with the performance tests observed in several implementations and, as a result, we can now offer our utility clients a massively scalable system with a comprehensive set of Service Level Agreements.”

This past spring Hydro One began installation of smart meters in southern Ontario and expects to complete the installation of 1.3 million throughout its service territory by 2010. Hydro One’s initiative supports the Ontario Government’s targets and its desire to advance a conservation culture in the Province.

“This project represents a significant opportunity in the growing AMI field and validates OZZ’s investment in Trilliant,” expressed Steven Muzzo, President and CEO of OZZ Corporation. “Ozz’s Energy Solutions division is excited to provide services to support Trilliant’s initiatives in the Ontario marketplace.”

“Combining standards-based AMI with the leading wireless and broadband networks remains a strategic objective of Hydro One,” said Rick Stevens, Project Director for Hydro One. “We believe it will improve our net return on assets, secure our investment in the future, and will lead to improved consumer satisfaction, distribution productivity, and system reliability.”

Trilliant’s implementation of Unified AMI provides:

  • Commercial and residential, electric, and gas commodities measurement.
  • Urban and rural coverage options.
  • Choice of the leading networks and meters from multiple suppliers.
  • Connectivity with premises and mobile devices.
  • High availability with automatic failover through alternative paths.
  • Fast data acquisition and control performance with maximum data reliability.

Plug’n Play AMI – Trilliant’s OpenMesh Network
Meters and appliances connected through Plug ‘n Play AMI communicate via multiple paths to multiple stakeholders; directly to utility, consumers, and other participating agencies. Thermostats become price-responsive appliances. Trilliant’s mesh provides low-cost, high-speed sensor and control connectivity.

Plug ‘n Play AMI establishes a two-way wireless communication path to multiple meters and provides access to a private or public wireless network. Communication is achieved via ad-hoc network where messages “hop” through several neighboring mesh-equipped meters before reaching wide-area resources.

Trilliant employs open infrastructures built on international standards such as IEEE, Internet, and ANSI. All components are self-installing, highly available, self-optimizing and remotely programmable. Trilliant has rapidly integrated a variety of handheld devices, smart phones, PDAs, in-home energy displays, and smart thermostats with its mesh network.

About Ozz Corporation
OZZ Corporation is a Canadian energy technology and infrastructure services company. Through its divisions, OZZ serves more than 80,000 residential customers across Ontario, provides utility data management services for more than 1,5 million utility customer accounts, and delivers demand management, web presentment, and energy management services to more than 1,000 commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. For more information: www.ozzcorp.com.