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People of Trilliant: From Intern to Firmware Engineer

Learn how one Trilliant intern grew his part-time position into a full-time a career as part of the company’s engineering team.

Written by Zaher Mashal, Firmware Engineer for Trilliant 

Read Time: 3 Minutes

During my senior year at NC State University, I was fortunate enough to become an intern at Trilliant. I have been studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and will be graduating in May of 2019! In addition to traveling, outdoor sports, and volunteering for social causes, I also really enjoy challenging myself. As a college student, I started looking for internships and coops as soon as I finished my sophomore year. For me, it was important to find a role that allowed me to apply what I was learning in school to the “real” world. In my quest to find a great internship, I was fortunate to land at Trilliant during my last semester at NCSU and had an amazing experience.

I joined Trilliant as a Firmware Engineering Intern in January of 2019, and my internship is about to end as I wrap up my final exams and last few days at NCSU. At Trilliant, I worked in WAN & Smart City Development with a very diverse team that brings in a wealth of experience from different areas. The project I have been working on all semester is a proof of concept for an IIoT Gateway that connects all parts of a city in one platform that has been developed at Trilliant. In this project, we connected various types of wired and wireless sensors and devices (GPS, weather, environmental, motion, parking, and more!). We store the data coming from the sensors dynamically in one database and then visualize all the data and analytics in real-time on a singular dashboard. While many people are still speaking about Smart Homes, at Trilliant we are already talking Smart Cities!

Through my experience with the team at Trilliant, I can now very easily imagine a city where citizens get immediate help when a traffic accident happens before anyone has a chance to call for help. I can also see a city that better manages traffic congestion during rush hours and helps make driving safer. Or, a city where a air quality is seamless managed in every part of the city. Should I mention, I also want to be in that city where I always know where is the next available parking space, so I never have to search for it? It’s these types of features that I now know exist, and that I have had the opportunity to work on an develop throughout my internship with the firmware team.

Working on this project at Trilliant involved lots of different areas and engineering skills that went far outside what I learned in school. When my manager first set up my to-do list for the internship, my immediate response was: “I don’t think I can get all of this done in just a few months!” My manager responded that it was okay, and to just get started and do what I could. In a few days, I quickly realized that there was a lot for me to learn, and even more to accomplish. Being surrounded by a supportive team with such a wealth of experience made it possible for me to reach my goals and gain very valuable skills. Depending on the type of project, I was able to reach out to people who work in different departments which allowed me to learn a lot from them. (This is in part thanks to Trilliant’s “no closed office” floor design where you can find everyone easily. There are also plenty of non-reservable rooms whenever you need some personal time for yourself too!). The manager who I report to is only a few feet away from my desk, and everyone is in a similar open office space.

Before my internship was over, I was delighted to learn that Trilliant wanted to bring me onboard full-time soon after graduation. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make as I have had the experience of working other places and knew that Trilliant would be a great place to launch my career. For me, the internship experience was like none other and I enthusiastically accepted the position. At Trilliant, everyone is always encouraged to bring new ideas and innovative ways to use technology in order to create the most advanced solutions. It really is a place where you will never stop learning and working on new cool projects.

I look forward to what’s coming next at Trilliant as we connect cities and connect the world!