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Trilliant Corporate Fact Sheet: Leading the 21st Century Energy Transformation

Trilliant helps utilities and energy retailers successfully deploy a broad range of smart grid initiatives – from smart metering to smart distribution and smart consumer capabilities. Our Platform delivers the flexible, secure and proven smart grid solutions needed for utilities and energy retailers to deploy mission-critical applications to achieve their business goals, and deliver consumers the best energy experience possible.

Wireless Lighting Controller 

The SLC-3100 is an intelligent wireless lighting controller with exceptional fault tolerance and a multitude of features. The SLC-3100 provides intelligent ON/OFF switching, dimming control, optional GPS, highly accurate power metering, analog and digital sensor inputs, and constant status and health monitoring of your lighting fixtures.

Trilliant Intelligent Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control 

Trilliant Streetlights solution is an intelligent wireless outdoor lighting control system that can be easily retrofitted for traditional outdoor lights, be installed on new LEDs or Solar-based LEDs, or be easily transferred from traditional lights to

Trilliant Communications Hub

The Trilliant Communications Hub is a component of the smart metering infrastructure that connects a Home Area Network (HAN) of metering devices, information displays, and other smart energy devices to Trilliant’s UnitySuite® Head-End Software (HES) via a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection over GSM cellular data services.

Analytics Solution 

Whether you are planning to use Analytics for system modeling, asset optimization, outage management, distributed energy management, grid optimization, T&D asset management, our business intelligence engine ingests network and device data from multiple sources, including Trilliant’s UnitySuite Head End System, to gain insight into the network from the substation to the meter and generates data in a meaningful way.

Distribution Automation (DA) Solutions 

Distribution Automation brings enhancements to the distribution network which have historically functioned autonomously, responding to local signals and conditions without operations center involvement.

Smart Cities Solutions 

Smart cities are an integration of multiple technologies and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets. At Trilliant we believe that by selecting and installing the right smart communication platform, you set the foundation for all of your Smart City and IIoT applications.

Smart Metering Solutions 

Utilities worldwide are deploying smart meters to provide customers better visibility into their energy consumption, to enable demand response to reduce peak load, to manage voltage to reduce energy consumption, and to enable new customer offerings.

Street Lighting Solutions for Smart Cities

The Trilliant Street Lighting control and monitoring platform of relays, controls, sensors and interfaces is an all-in-one range of products designed to configure control, monitor and meter your street lighting sources and all voltage, with proven quality and reliability and control experience.

Smart Grid Solutions 

Smart Grid is an electricity supply network that uses digital communications technology to detect and react to local changes in usages. A modernized energy infrastructure – the Smart Grid – will help equip energy providers and utilities around the world with better visibility, control, and flexibility to handle modern energy challenges.

Demand Response Solutions 

To be effective, demand response implementations must enable utilities to lower peak demand when needed. By lowering peak demand, utilities can postpone capital investments in generation capacity and reduce the need to purchase energy at peak prices.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solutions

Advanced Metering Infrastructure; electric, water, and gas metering devices and applications are the first steps towards your smart grid and smart city vision. We provide the most adaptive and flexible Advanced Meter Infrastructure solution that delivers the functions and data needed to meet your specific vision for today and tomorrow. Our advanced technologies are designed to work with virtually any system to provide a secure, powerful source of data now and for generations to come.