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Secure Joins Trilliant Open Smart Device Interface (OSDI) Partner Program to Develop Integrated Smart Grid Solutions

Udaipur, India June 9 2015 – Today, at the Asian Utility Week 2015, Secure Meters, a supplier of smart metering systems, has announced that it has joined the Trilliant Open Smart Device Interface (OSDI) Partner Programme.

Under the collaboration, Secure and Trilliant will develop an integrated smart meter solution that will deliver benefits to all stakeholders in the energy supply chain. Secure’s latest plug-and-play modular meters, i-Credit 510, Sprint 210 and Premier 210, have already been deployed in many parts of Southeast Asia and ANZ. The meters are feature rich, cost effective, can be configured over-the-air and managed remotely thus extending their useful life. Moreover, the solution has in-built functionality that allows it to integrate within an advanced metering infrastructure despite its compact design. These modular meters, coupled with Trilliant’s Smart Communications Platform’s globally-available 2.4 GHz mesh technology, will help Secure serve the Asia Pacific smart grid market.

“Secure continues to be a leader in smart metering and offer innovative solutions which play an important role in helping customers around the world use energy more efficiently,” said Mr Babu Babel, Chief Executive, Energy SBU. “By collaborating with Trilliant, a global leader in smart communications, whose globally-available 2.4 GHz mesh technology makes it a suitable smart communications for utilities, we will be better able to offer appropriate and reliable smart grid solutions that help deliver real operational and customer benefits to our utility customers.  The Trilliant Platform’s globally-available 2.4 GHz mesh technology comes with a large bandwidth to enable smart grid applications – smart metering, distribution automation, demand-side management – today and tomorrow.”

To learn more, meet Secure (booth #109) and Trilliant (booth #54) at the 2015 Asian Utility Week, in Bangkok, Thailand, June 9-10.

About Secure Meters

Secure Meters is a leading smart metering solutions provider. Secure focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing innovative and technologically advanced energy meters. It also provides value added smart energy solutions for utilities. Our metering portfolio includes a comprehensive range of intelligent metering products and energy efficiency devices that are useful across the energy supply chain.

As a pioneer of electronic intelligent metering and with over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of smart meters, Secure gives customer the confidence that they are working with a company with a proven track record.

Today, Secure is a $500 million group that has its footprint in GB, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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About Trilliant

Trilliant, a global leader in smart communication platforms, has been delivering proven and powerful multi-purpose smart grid communications platforms to leading utilities, energy providers and cities around the world. Trilliant helps leading utilities and energy retailers achieve their smart grid visions through the Trilliant Communications Platform. Through the OSDI partner programme, Trilliant provides device manufacturers with an easy, fast and low-cost way to adopt the comprehensive smart grid communications solutions. Trilliant has worked with leading utilities and energy providers worldwide who collectively serve more than 85 million customers. The Trilliant Platform helps utilities and energy retailers enhance energy efficiency, improve grid reliability, lower operating costs, integrate renewable energy resources and electric vehicles, and empower consumers to better manage their energy consumption and has helped utilities worldwide deliver smart energy benefits consumers.


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