Data & Analytics Management

Optimize organizational decision-making. Extract operational insights.

Trilliant’s Smart Grid Data Management is the place to start  It’s a next-generation, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Meter Data Management solution that goes beyond meters to include data from every grid device.

Smart Grid Data Management gathers readings in batch and online. It validates, integrates, and displays the data you need most.

Smart Grid Data Management Business Intelligence

    • Run connection and disconnection tasks, limit power, update firmware, and schedule devices remotely, and massively to leverage the advanced metering infrastructure and reduce costs of on-site tasks.
    • Display essential information on meter data collection through dashboards that perform querying indicators and statistics on device calls in order to calculate the efficiency of the communication tools used for device queries.
  • Distributed Energy Resources Management & Monitoring increases grid and microgrid flexibility and reliability. It tracks generation, storage, and interruptible load resources.
  • VEE (Validation, Estimation and Editing) Verify accuracy and completeness of device data and estimate readings with missing interval information using set rules. Moreover, readings can be labeled through quality codes (IEC 61968-9). Our solution supports validation, editing, and estimation rules to build data sets of higher value and use them in processes that require higher quality and completeness of the information.
  • Readings Versioning: Versioning allows saving different measures of the same reading to query the modifications on each reading interval that is being recorded.
  • The Enhanced Outage Detection System display shows power outages, voltage sags, and swells in near-real time. And it integrates with outage management (OMS) using standards like Multispeak and CIM, helping in the reduction of staff response times and outage clearance.
  • Query Dashboards: Interact with dashboards to navigate optimally between large data segments in order to have good visibility of information. Reports Engine exports reports in various formats (PDF, Excel, CSV, JSON) adjusted to your needs. The supported reports are total monthly consumption, quality codes, monthly anomalies in readings, changes in devices, monthly demands at peak hours, and more.

Smart Grid Data Management Analytics

  • Service & Power Quality Assistant improves the customers’ experience by detecting anomalies in the power grid and quality of service using advanced predictive analytics algorithms to identify the cause of the disruption.
  • Forecasting predicts the behavior of any important smart grid’s variable, such as energy consumption, voltages, renewable energy generation, among others. You can use these predictions for improving grid’s operations and maintenance planning.
  • Alarm Monitoring automatically detects and notifies failures and events in smart devices or other elements of the smart grid through a robust alert and alarm configuration engine.
  • Theft Detection combines historical, social, economic, and customer data. It:
    • Predicts users with a high potential for energy theft.
    • Recommends actions to avoid future problems.
    • Measures the effect of each action implemented.
  • Reactive Energy Monitoring Service: We support the achievement of energy efficiency. We monitor the excess of reactive energy transport in your system to take corrective actions to reduce penalties and billing cost overruns.
  • Monitoring & Distribution Automation improves smart grid reliability, security, and efficiency. It displays the current and historical status of the entire grid. And it predicts future behavior.