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SecureMesh® NAN

SecureMesh® Neighborhood Area Network

Our SecureMesh NAN is a standards-based, high-bandwidth wireless AMI technology that provides you a secure, scalable solution. Featuring adaptive mesh technology, the meters autonomously report to the NAN access point and then polled by the head end system, via the WAN, which enables scalability. We chose a standard 2.4 GHz radio as the core to ensure you have both the protection of a standards-based solution with the operational benefits of a high-data rate solution.

Our NAN solution offers low cost end points, provides the security and reliability Trilliant is known for, and is built to support coverage of both dense urban and sparse rural areas.

Features & Benefits

  • 2.4 GHz Neighborhood Area Network
    • Global unlicensed spectrum, 83MHz wide
    • Designed for co-existence (Interference avoidance)
  • Open, standards-based design
    • IPv6
    • IEEE 802.15.4g
    • 50 kbps – 2.4 Mbps data rate
      • Adaptive modulation trades off bandwidth vs link budget
      • Headroom for future utility applications
    • Adaptive mesh technology
      • Resilient network design
      • Distributed intelligence
    • End-to-end standards-based security
      • Financial transaction level of security