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The IIoT Market: It’s All About the Data! Right?

Written by Pete Asman, Trilliant VP of IIoT for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is all about the data. BUT It is also about platforms.

Now that you’ve gotten over the initial shock of my statement, I’ll continue.

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times that, the IIoT is all about managing data and using the data to make sensible business decisions. However,  there is tremendous confusion in the market place and the data has become a highly debated subject, which naturally leads to more questions. How do we connect? How do we secure? And most importantly how do we manage?

Since working for Trilliant I have been solely focused on the Industrialized IoT (IIOT) space and sometimes, even for me, it is very confusing. The conversation has move from infrastructure to software to security to sensors and frequently I find myself questioning, where will all this confusion lead us? Surely the answer must be about an end to end platform that can deliver a great experience today and be ‘future proofed’ for tomorrow.

Business Transformation has been a hot topic for over a decade, but the CIO/CTO’s I’ve been speaking to are getting frustrated with brilliant sales calls taking about the latest technology/software that will save their business transformational strategy.  The fact is, most if not all companies and organizations are on their own transformational journey and now seems like a great time to clear up the confusion and get to the simple task of defining HOW data can enable transformations at every level of the organization. And I’m not talking about another huge infrastructure conversation but offering the conclusion that perhaps it is a different conversation all together. What if there was a solution that can help CIO/CTO’s deliver on their ambitions AND hit their stakeholders key performance indicators?

Right now, I want to showcase the merits of IoT but more importantly the Industrialized IoT space. So, let’s get real.

For example, my refrigerator can order more of my favorite beer once I start running low. That data (and platform) is VERY important to me, but I seriously doubt it will impact the rotation of the world if it is not acted on immediately. However, the IIoT, enabled by a hybrid wireless communications platform is a critical piece of delivering transformation and ‘the world of things’ that not only meet but exceed expectations. The platform must be reliable, secure and give organizations like cities the ability to roll out applications, that work, quickly and simply.

To add to the confusion, I recently heard IoT being referred to as a .com bubble which will probably burst soon.  What? Are they confused about what IoT / IIoT can do and deliver? Today we have over 28 billion IoT/M2M devices connected globally, and it is projected to triple in the next 5 years. What does that tell me (and you)? IoT/IIoT is here to stay and the digital transformation discussion is getting old.  It is time for action.

Cities, municipalities, utilities, and citizens are CRYING out for a smart cities platform that can deliver applications that improve work flow, and lives. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find that free parking space without driving around? What if your walk home has enough light without wasting energy? What if emergency response times were significantly lower and your exact location was easier to identify? The possibilities and solutions for smart cities are endless, the sensors are innumerable. The debate on how to enable this platform is loud. Remember I said we were going to get real?  Well here is real. The infrastructure to enable smart cities, and the innumerable applications is here, today. Street Lights are a perfect infrastructure to ‘smarten’ up and deploy smart city solutions and it can be done now. I participated in a recent interview during European Utility Week with Smart Energy International where we discussed that variety of views of what exactly being a smart city means but how there is not a clear place to start. This is where Trilliant comes in. Trilliant delivers a hybrid wireless communications platform to deliver outcomes for cities, municipalities, and utilities and make these ideas become reality.

Take a step back and change the conversation. The Trilliant hybrid wireless communications platform enables end-to-end connectivity solutions that are easy to roll-out and gives you access to connect your city.

Thanks for reading, views are my own and I welcome comments…