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Trilliant Announces Digital Cellular Solutions Operating at over 20 North American Utilities

Trilliant Incorporated announced operating installations of its digital cellular advanced metering solutions at over 20 North American utilities. These utilities have project requirements for advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) at over 100,000 commercial and industrial locations. These selective communication devices are part of Trilliant’s Plug n’ Play Energy Network Solutions.

“CellReader® digital cellular devices are perfect solutions for analog cellular obsolescence or dedicated phone line replacement,” said Bill Vogel, Founder, Senior Vice President Strategic Development of Trilliant. “Our CellReader solutions integrate with most solid state electric meters or gas instruments, supporting requirements for advanced metering and SCADA. CellReaders provide significantly better performance, at comparable cost, to proprietary alternatives and work with 3rd party systems, such as MV-90 and AutoSol™.”

Digital Cellular Network Solutions
Trilliant’s digital cellular solutions are affordable and reliable. CellReaders support multiple public and private wireless IP network and ANSI standards. Many electric utilities are using Itron’s MV-90 to read these metering devices for billing-quality and gas utilities are using AutoSol protocol translation software for metering and SCADA data acquisition. Meter-embedded or enclosure-based CellReaders are the only digital cellular products that provide a complete solution for the utilities largest customers of electricity and gas services:

  • Under glass devices
  • Ruggedized enclosure devices
  • Remotely programmable

Plug ‘n Play Enterprise Solutions
Trilliant offers utilities maximum economic benefit, adding value to standards while keeping costs at a minimum. Trilliant focuses on making standards work together as an integrated solution to maximize enterprise-wide returns, working with many meter, communications, software, and demand response partners to ensure choice of interoperable infrastructure will leverage other investments.

To support true Plug n’ Play, CellReaders employ ANSI C12 and internet protocols. These standards-based solutions and complimentary partnerships enable wide-scale implementation of advanced metering. Utilities automate on their own terms, choosing the infrastructure that best serves their objectives:

  • Electricity Meters with connectivity for many solid state electricity meters
  • Gas Instruments with connectivity for many gas instruments
  • Networks CDMA/1xRTT, DataTAC, GSM/GPRS and iDEN
  • Carriers support for Bell Mobility, Cingular, Nextel/Sprint, Rogers, Telus Mobility and Verizon Wireless

“Itron and Trilliant have worked together, ensuring that MV-90 can easily acquire data from meters with CellReader packet data devices,” said Chris Schafer, product manager of C&I metering communications at Itron.