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Trilliant Announces Smart Grid Industry’s First Integration of NAN and WAN Tiers

Trilliant Incorporated, a leader in delivering Smart Grid solutions that enhance energy efficiency, utility operations, and renewable resource integration, today announced the SecureMesh™ Bridge products, which integrate a Wide Area Network (WAN) for distribution and a Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) for metering. This is the Smart Grid industry’s first fully-integrated private WAN/NAN solution and is a result of Trilliant’s strategic acquisition of broadband wireless equipment provider SkyPilot Networks in Q2 2009.

The two new products – the SecureMesh Extender Bridge and the SecureMesh Connector Bridge – both include the long-range, high-capacity backhaul of a wireless WAN mesh network with an integrated advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) collector that aggregates metering communications across a NAN mesh network. The integrated solution provides a dedicated private network without leased cellular costs and extends connectivity to distribution, metering, and consumer applications. In addition, integrated WAN/NAN communications provides support for multi-application partitioning for application security and Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees.

“The scope of Smart Grid network deployments continue to expand as utilities focus on the benefits of leveraging multiple applications across a converged infrastructure,” according to Rob Conant, Senior Vice President Network Products at Trilliant. Realizing these benefits, though, requires an integrated multi-tier network that scales across multiple grid operation tiers.”

“Much of the talk about the future smart grid is about the unified connectivity, service guarantees, and end-to-end security common in today’s converged enterprise networks,” according to Bob Gohn, Senior Analyst with Pike Research. “The kind of integration offered by Trilliant’s solution is enabling these capabilities now.”

Application Domain Partitioning

Supporting multiple applications on a converged infrastructure, however, presents distinct security and performance challenges. Certain grid applications like substation video monitoring have quality-of-service (QoS) requirements that need traffic guarantees and all applications require end-to-end security.

Trilliant’s application domain partitioning solves security and QoS challenges by segmenting an integrated multi-tier communications network into multiple virtual network domains to ensure end-to-end security and guarantee traffic for each Smart Grid application.

Application domain partitioning allows utilities to have a single investment in a private network that also gives control of their operations in a way that still provides security on all levels – from distribution to metering to consumer.  By applying established networking concepts such as virtual private networking to provide security and segmentation across a common infrastructure, this solution addresses a significant utility industry concern.

Webinars and White Papers

In conjunction with today’s announcement, Trilliant is also announcing two webinars and the availability of two new white papers.

Trilliant will host a complimentary Web seminar on March 17, 2010 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to showcase how a WAN communications infrastructure can enable distribution applications. Registration is available at Trilliant will host another complimentary Web seminar on March 30, 2010 at 10 a.m. PST to present a framework for securing applications across a multi-tier Smart Grid network. Registration is available at

Trilliant is also announcing the availability of a white paper entitled “Wireless WAN for the Smart Grid”. The paper covers the WAN’s role in a Smart Grid network, including substation communications, distribution networking, and AMI backhaul, and is available at A second white paper entitled “Application Domain Partitioning for the Smart Grid” covers application security and Quality-of-Service and is available at