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Trilliant Arms Technology Innovation Partners with Strategic Capabilities to Win in the Highly Competitive IIoT Solution Market

Raleigh, NC(November 19, 2019) – Communications solutions leader Trilliant, a global provider of world class hybrid wireless communications technology for the IIoT market, announces new tools and capabilities that revolutionize how solution innovators and technology partners drive business outcomes demanded by smart energy, smart city and other data focused clients.

Trilliant’s platform enables quick integration of IIoT devices, across a secure and cost-effective infrastructure, that aggregates, analyzes and enables the business insights clients are now demanding in every request for proposal and tender.

Public data platforms and standalone solution providers cannot easily deliver the holistic and integrated solutions required by clients without significant cost and development time to construct. Delays to return on investment (ROI) and increases to total cost of ownership (TCO) weigh heavily in the evaluation process. Trilliant mitigates these issues with quick access to data and tools to build new solutions over a proven communications platform you pay for once, not continuously. Trilliant has a unique capability of bringing together existing data and applications with new IIoT data across the operation. Their infrastructure has been leveraged by security conscious companies who demand data privacy for clients while revolutionizing the way cities, technology integrators and industrial innovators move toward intelligent possibilities.

Since the launch of their global IIoT business in 2018, Trilliant has forged new and unique partnerships, and works with customers to drive smarter, agile business decisions for industrial companies around the globe.

Cities and organizations are on the path to digital transformation, and in need of a partner who can solve complex connectivity challenges, link big data and provide actionable intelligence. It takes utility grade network architecture to securely connect intelligent machines and equipment to each other and enterprise systems. Trilliant has expressed their commitment to enabling their partners to realize new business outcomes.

“We appreciate today’s paradigm shift to IIoT solutions that make cities, transportation solutions, and all manner of industrial IoT applications smarter and more responsive,” said Ryan Gerbrandt, managing director of global IIoT for Trilliant. “We offer a unique capability to work with Technology Innovators and Integrators to rapidly tie all of the elements together for success: devices, data, secure communications for quicker solutions and speed to value. Allowing our partners to get ahead of the crowd with an end to end strategy from the start.”

Trilliant’s strength is their patented hybrid wireless communication platform that links to any endpoint and its data. This can include smart street lighting, parking management, pollution monitoring, water and waste management with data from sensors, actuators and other IIoT enabled machines. All helping customers tap the full potential of their smart systems by enabling big data to flow seamlessly in all environments and across all geographies. There are no outcomes without infrastructure and Trilliant along with their business partners deliver the missing elements  to deliver operational excellence and satisfied customers and citizens.


About Trilliant

Trilliant® empowers the energy and IIOT industry with the only purpose-built communications platform that enables utilities and cities to securely and reliably deploy any application – on one powerful network. With the most field-proven, globally compliant solution in the market, Trilliant empowers you by connecting the world of things®.

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