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Trilliant Brings Industry Together for Interoperable Consumer Products

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Nov. 7, 2011 – Trilliant®, a global smart grid communications leader, today announced that 16 leading home energy companies have joined with Trilliant to deliver simplified, interoperable energy awareness devices for utilities to more quickly bring the benefits of smart metering to consumers. These vendors’ products will be compatible with Trilliant‘s Consumer-Engagement Solutions so utilities and energy service providers can empower consumers to manage their own energy consumption. Together with these leading home energy companies, Trilliant is delivering real smart grid benefits to consumers.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), interoperability is one of the greatest challenges facing smart grids as a multitude of technologies, systems and devices need to securely and effectively talk to each other. Dick DeBlasio, chief engineer for renewable electricity and end use systems with NREL, said that the very nature of adding information and communications technology to the electric power grid and making everything work together intelligently and securely is a daunting task, yet critical to the success of the Smart Grid. Trilliant has brought these companies together to address this task and brings together a robust ecosystem of industry leaders to enhance and promote interoperability between energy management devices and the smart meter.

“Consumers will ultimately be the biggest beneficiaries of the smart grid,” said Rob Conant, chief marketing officer for Trilliant. “Trilliant is committed to helping utilities empower energy consumers with our open, standards-based, interoperable offerings.  Today we are pleased to be bringing together a group of industry-leading companies to provide interoperable solutions that will bring real and immediate value to utility customers.” 

The products brought to market through these partners cover a wide range of products, technologies and approaches, but are all oriented towards providing consumers better information about their energy consumption, and empowering those consumers to make better decisions about energy use. With the next-generation, standards-based smart grid communications systems now available, empowering consumers to manage their energy use are becoming a critical driver for utilities worldwide.

The partners that have come together to offer products interoperable with Trilliant’s Consumer-Engagement Solutions include:

Ambient Devices 

Ambient Devices, founded in 2001, is the leader of in-home peripheral information. Ambient offers products that display real-time, actionable information for weather, sports, stock market and energy demand. With over 1 million products distributed worldwide, Ambient’s latest product, the Energy Orb, has been deployed to over a dozen utilities in demand response programs nationwide. 


Aztech provides an intuitive product for monitoring energy consumption. The backlit LCD clearly displays numerically and graphically energy consumed, estimated cost and historical consumption. The color of the patented light bar represent electricity tiers/block at a glance. The speed of motion is proportional to the amount of energy being consumed. 


Digi X-Grid ™ Solutions connect devices to applications and applications to people. The value of a smart grid initiative is maximized when consumers are actively engaged. Digi X-Grid Solutions provide easy access to energy usage information, control of energy consuming devices and management of energy producing capabilities in real time via smart phone and Web services applications.


ecobee’s Open Energy Management Platform delivers intelligent energy management solutions with an exceptional customer experience. Utilities benefit from a lower total cost of ownership and a future-proof and standards compliant platform. ecobee’s  WiFi and Zigbee enabled thermostats,  Web portals and smart phone apps are the industry choice for consumer engagement and energy efficiency.



Efergy Technologies Limited is a global company providing cost-effective, easy-to-understand, in-home Customer Information Displays. Whether a HAN real time energy monitoring solution for homeowners or an advanced AMI solution with load control for demand response, Efergy is dedicated to meeting the requirements of utilities.  


Energate provides industry leading home energy management solutions including smart thermostats, switches, consumer energy displays, software, wireless communications and gateways. Energate’s products have unprecedented versatility and interoperability and have been connecting conservation with comfort at select Trilliant utilities since 2008, providing value to both consumers and utilities.

Energy Aware

Energy Aware Technology Inc. is a Vancouver based company providing innovative demand management solutions for today’s changing electrical grid. Energy Aware’s home energy monitoring products allow consumers to reduce their energy consumption by up to 15 percent. 


GEO provides utilities and retailers with in-home displays, mobile and on-line services that make energy engaging and more manageable for their customers. It also supplies meter manufacturers with in-home displays that enhance their smart offering to utilities.

MMB Research

MMB Research is a Toronto company with industry-leading expertise in connected home technologies. MMB’s RapidSE platform is a fully automated solution that enables device vendors to rapidly bring smart energy and home automation products to market with dramatic time and cost savings. MMB offers a range of complimentary engineering and support services to further accelerate customer solutions.


Murata is a leading provider of WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee solutions in a range of applications including highly integrated small footprint modules to home energy devices like in-home displays, thermostat, load controller and home appliances. These modules, complete with a software solution, significantly simplify design, optimize RF performance and minimize time to market.

Owon Development

Owon Development Inc. is part of Lilliput Electronics. Owon will accelerate widespread consumer adoption of touch-screen products for in-home energy displays, time-of-use touch-screen thermostats, and enhanced intelligent smart-home devices. The devices will use the latest interoperability protocols providing consumers with an easy-to-use interface to track and control energy usage in a simple, entertaining and up-to-date manner.


PowerWatch provides technology products for advanced real-time home energy management and demand response systems that enable consumers to reduce energy consumption 10 to 20 percent. Over the last five years, PowerWatch has deployed thousands of devices throughout Canada, the U.S., France, Brazil and India, and prides itself on designing and delivering leading edge innovations in energy conservation and demand management.

Rainforest Automation

Rainforest Automation Inc. provides consumers with simple products and services built around their real-time energy usage that can help them feel involved with the smart grid, and empowered to make changes to their energy consumption.


Radio Thermostat Company of America makes the world’s most innovative home energy management solutions. Throughout the past 30 years the company has sold millions of its thermostats and related products through leading retailers, utility partners and an extensive HVAC and dealer network.


Telegesis manufactures a full range of OEM ZigBee modules complete with full AT command layer if required, allowing fast and simple ZigBee implementations. Telegesis also offers world class design support with particular focus on ZigBee Smart Energy.  The company has a proven track record in taking ZigBee Smart Energy designs from initial concept through to compliant, certified and finished products.


Tendril provides the cloud platform for the Energy Internet, delivering consumer engagement products, applications and services and utility solutions such as Energy Efficiency and Demand Response all powered by Tendril Connect™—an open, secure and scalable platform that creates a dialogue between energy service providers, consumers and ecosystem partners.