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Trilliant Expands International Operations in Europe

Jon ParrTrilliant Incorporated, a Smart Grid communications provider and leader in delivering solutions that enhance energy efficiency, utility operations, and renewable resource integration, today announced the appointment of Jon Parr as Managing Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Jon will be based in the newly opened EMEA headquarters located in Windsor UK, and will report directly to Trilliant’s President and CEO, Andy White.

Prior to joining Trilliant, Mr. Parr was General Manager for Sensus Metering Systems, UK and Ireland. In that position, Mr. Parr also was also responsible for North European sales. Sensus is known as a global leader in utility infrastructure systems.

Mr. Parr will oversee all business development, sales, and project delivery for Trilliant customers throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Trilliant’s first landmark contract in the United Kingdom was announced in late 2010. Trilliant will be working with Centrica plc, a leading UK utility, to provide communications equipment for the smart meter rollout at its British Gas subsidiary. The initial roll out to support over 1,000,000 of British Gas’ nearly 16 million customer accounts will be completed in 2012 and make Trilliant one of the largest providers of public wireless network meter communications solutions world-wide.

Smart meters, combined with a Smart Grid, provide transparency into energy consumption for both utilities and consumers, helping people reduce their energy bills, reducing utility operational expenditures, all while also reducing carbon emissions.

“We are thrilled to have Jon lead our expansion efforts into the EMEA regions,” according to Andy White, President and CEO of Trilliant. “Jon brings a wealth of international utility expertise to Trilliant and will help bring the benefits of the Smart Grid to customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.”

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Trilliant to play a significant role in the growth of the Smart Grid internationally, particularly in the UK and Europe where policies and goals are already in place,” according to Mr. Parr. “A rapidly growing number of European energy suppliers, consumers and regulators are realizing the importance of energy efficiency. This positions them for rapid Smart Grid implementations and the United Kingdom is leading the way here with Trilliant’s success in the UK being key and substantial to the roll out.”

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) sees smart metering as critical to transforming the way energy is supplied and used. The U.K. government is committed to every home in Great Britain having smart energy meters by 2020, empowering people to manage their energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions. The smart meter roll out is integral to the Green Deal, the Government’s overarching policy to enable households to reduce the amount of energy they use by improving their energy efficiency.