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Trilliant Expands Wireless MeshReader™ Communications Offering for Gas Meter Applications

Trilliant Incorporated, today announced the release of an open standards-based MeshReader™ gas meter communication module that provides utilities with an advanced gas metering solution for residential AMI applications. The Trilliant NCZL401 Gas Access Point is the first ANSI standards-based integrated interval recorder for gas meters. When used in combination with Trilliant’s wireless mesh system, this offering provides an affordable solution delivery of interval meter data to internal systems.

“Trilliant continues to lead the industry with open standards-based wireless solutions for metering applications,” said Bill Vogel, Founder, Senior Vice President Strategic Development of Trilliant “The gas MeshReader product is an important addition to the Trilliant suite of AMI solutions that enable utilities to break the cycle of vendor lock-in based on proprietary technologies.”

The new Trilliant NCZL401 MeshReader module conforms with ANSI C12.19 and C12.22 providing customers with transparency in terms of protocol development and access. It is fully configurable, programmable and readable via a wireless network eliminating costly on-site visits. The NCZL401 is supported by Trilliant’s family of mesh network solutions and can be managed in a gas only or combined with electric and water metering applications. Wireless communications and data transfers are secure and the system automatically reconfigures and restores itself under adverse environmental conditions. The gas MeshReader module also provides storage for up to one year of hourly data reads, enhancing reliability.

The NCZL401 can be used in conjunction with any of the popular mechanical meter types including diaphragm, rotary and turbine gas meters as well as gas volume connectors. It is compatible with nearly all American Meter, Invensys/Equimeter/Rockwell and Actaris/Schlumberger/Sprague diaphragm meters and can be installed in the field without interupting gas service.