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Trilliant Introduces Newly-Enhanced SecureMesh™ Communications Platform to Utilities in Europe and Globally

High-Performing, proven solutions help utilities achieve improved reliability, better operational efficiency and enhanced consumer empowerment

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – November 3, 2014 – Trilliant, a global smart grid communications leader, today unveiled the newly-enhanced SecureMesh Platform to utilities in Europe and globally, in advance of European Utility Week (EUW) 2014, Europe’s largest annual smart grid conference and exhibition.

Building upon the company’s proven technology and expertise gained working with leading utilities globally who collectively serve more than 85 million customers, Trilliant aims to bring even more reliability, performance and flexibility to utilities and energy retailers worldwide with its newly-enhanced SecureMesh Platform. Part of the powerful Trilliant Communications Platform, SecureMesh is a secure, multi-tier NAN/WAN wireless field area communications platform, pre-engineered to work seamlessly together and purpose-built for utility’s smart grid applications. High bandwidth and low latency provide the high reliability and superior performance necessary to enable utilities to successfully deploy any smart grid application – Distribution Automation, Smart Metering, Demand Side Management – on one powerful platform, today and tomorrow.

The Trilliant SecureMesh Platform is the only utility-grade field area network that has been proven at scale that can be deployed anywhere in the world. It is also the only Platform that has a pre-integrated, multi-tier architecture capable of supporting multiple advanced Smart Grid applications.

Trilliant understands that a particular utility’s smart grid business needs may differ from those of other utilities. For example, some utilities may seek to satisfy regulatory mandates while improving reliability and operational efficiencies. Others may seek to empower consumers to improve energy efficiency and offer value-added services. Still others may seek to integrate more intermittent renewables and distributed energy resources or be able to reduce non-technical losses. The newly-enhanced SecureMesh Platform offers utilities the widest range of options and flexibility to strategically and cost-effectively address today’s smart grid challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s smart grid opportunities without re-deploying their network.

“Utilities are being asked to do more with aging infrastructure,” said Andy White, Trilliant’s chief executive officer. “Trilliant’s deep heritage serving the utility industry enables us to provide solutions that address these needs. By combining advanced grid technologies and best-in-class communication networks, Trilliant’s newly-enhanced SecureMesh helps utilities future-proof their grid communication systems. They can effectively manage their smart grid needs today and prepare for other smart grid applications in the future.”

The newly-enhanced SecureMesh Platform uniquely addresses utility communication needs cost-effectively:

• Utility-Grade Reliability
o Trilliant’s SecureMesh Platform enhances the company’s award-winning mesh technology, which is inherently redundant and provides utilities with the highest degree of reliability even in the most adverse conditions.
o By maintaining multiple routing links to each node, the newly-enhanced SecureMesh is capable of rapid reconfiguration in response to dynamic conditions or network updates. This concept of multiple “hot-links” creates a network capable of maintaining continuous communications.
o The addition of improved RF sensitivity and advanced adaptive modulation technique in the newly-enhanced mesh further increase the reliability.

• Industry-Leading Performance
o The newly-enhanced SecureMesh is the industry’s only integrated, multi-tier mesh communications network, offering utilities industry-leading performance required for their smart grid applications:
 2.4 GHz SecureMesh NAN operating in the globally-available 2.4GHz spectrum extends its performance lead by offering peak data rates of 800 Kbps and optimized use of the 80 MHz of available bandwidth to maximize capacity and throughput.
 5.8 GHz SecureMesh WAN offering utility customers a 54 Mbps backbone network capable of supporting Smart Metering, Distribution Automation and other advanced Smart Grid applications. This high bandwidth comes with very low 7 millisecond latency required for advanced Distribution Automation applications.
o The integrated multi-tier newly-enhanced SecureMesh NAN/WAN platform gives utilities the ability to manage NAN/WAN deployments on a single platform and the flexibility to meet different performance standards/service levels for a multitude of Smart Grid applications in one powerful platform.

• Integrated, End-to-End Security
o SecureMesh NAN/WAN offers the highest level of security and data privacy for every device on the network and meets the stringent regulations of leading industry-governing bodies worldwide.
o SecureMesh utilizes Industry-standard protocols at the link, network, and application layers to create an environment that secures individual devices, groups of devices, and separate application domains operating on a single network.
o SecureMesh offers a comprehensive solution that ensures not only confidentiality and data privacy, but also network and device integrity, and non-repudiation of critical configuration and commands.
o SecureMesh utilizes industry-standard Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) methods to deliver a proven security solution.

• More Flexibility and Choice – Any Field Device
o Trilliant works with partners through its Open Smart Device Interface (OSDI) program to provide SecureMesh communications that can be seamlessly integrated into any kind of device – utility smart meters, distribution automation devices, even field support tools.
o By supporting standard meter and industrial control system protocols, the OSDI program is device agnostic and application aware, providing the widest variety of devices possible to utilities.
o Backed by a capable team with years of utility meter and device integration experience, Trilliant’s OSDI program creates an easy and cost-effective way for manufacturers to support SecureMesh on their devices.

• Gives Utilities a Future-Proof Architecture and Device-Level Intelligence
o The SecureMesh Platform is architected to support any Smart Grid, Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, today and tomorrow.
o Every node of the newly-enhanced SecureMesh is capable of edge intelligence with the computing power and memory to support application customization across the network.
o Partitioning of application domains allows multiple applications to be supported, each with their own independent security and QoS requirements.
o The SecureMesh Platform’s scalability ensures performance and reliability with millions of devices on the network.

Proven with leading utilities worldwide, the newly-enhanced SecureMesh Platform is a smart investment for utilities that must make prudent decisions today while keeping an eye on future smart grid opportunities. The Trilliant SecureMesh Platform will allow utilities to eventually manage all smart grid, smart city, and Internet of Things applications on a single, unified network. To learn more, visit Trilliant’s booth E40 at European Utility Week (November 4-6, 2014), or website at


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