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Trilliant Receives 2015 IoT Excellence Award

Smart Communications Platform Honored for Excellence in Innovation

BANGKOK – (June 1, 2016) – Trilliant Smart Communications Platform has received a 2015 IoT Excellence Award presented by TMC and Crossfire Media.

The 2015 IoT Evolution IoT Excellence Award recognizes solutions that excel in supporting the availability of information being deduced, inferred and directly gathered from sensors, systems and anything else that is supporting better business and personal decisions.

“It is my pleasure to recognize the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform with an IoT Excellence Award for its excellence in innovation,” said Carl Ford, CEO and community developer, Crossfire Media. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing Trilliant’s future successes.”

The award recognizes Trilliant’s Smart Communications Platform’s innovation in meeting the challenges of IoT as utilities and cities look to de-risk their investments in infrastructure modernization.

“Trilliant is honored to have worked with some of the leading utilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific during their transformation to smart communications,” said Ryan Gerbrandt, Trilliant SVP of global solutions and commercial operations. “In our engagements with customers serving over 100 million end users, we’ve learned there is no one-size-fits-all infrastructure modernization for a city or a utility.”

Several qualities distinguish the Trilliant IoT solution:

  • Truly Open Platform Provides the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership with Most Flexibility

A hallmark of the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform is its flexibility. The platform uses standard protocols and interfaces, including the Common Information Model (CIM) and for devices, Common Communication Modules. As a result, the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform is application-aware and device agnostic. Trilliant’s ecosystem of partners means the customer is not locked into a narrow suite of proprietary applications but instead can choose any best-of-breed application for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), distribution automation (DA), smart cities or analytics.

  • Future-proof Architecture and Device-Level Intelligence at Scale 

If a utility or city selects a communications platform that cannot support future applications, it may face a stranded asset long before its investment has been recouped. The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform is multi-technology and multi-purpose, architected to support any smart grid (AMI, DA, DSM), smart city and internet of things (IoT) application, today and tomorrow. Every node on the Trilliant network is capable of edge-intelligence with the computing power and memory to support customized applications across the network. Partitioning of application domains allows support of multiple applications, each with its own independent security and quality of service (QoS) requirements. The platform’s scalability ensures performance and reliability with millions of devices on the network.

“Trilliant’s deep heritage serving the utility industry enables us to provide solutions that are purpose-built to address utilities’ unique needs,” said Gerbrandt. “The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform helps utilities future-proof their grid communications system, effectively managing current priorities while preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow including IoT.”

  • Industrial-Grade, End-to-End Security

The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform offers utilities the highest level of security, confidentiality and data privacy for every device on the network and meets the most stringent regulations of leading industry-governing bodies worldwide. It utilizes industry-standard protocols at the link, network and application layers – specifically public key infrastructure (PKI) and virtual private network (VPN) methods — to create an environment that secures individual devices, groups of devices and separate application domains operating on a single network.


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Trilliant offers the energy industry’s only enterprise-wide Smart Communications Platform for connecting the internet of things (IoT) through a secure, standards-based, multi-technology, open spectrum solution. With three decades’ experience and the most field-proven and globally compliant solution, Trilliant maximizes smart grid and smart city investments and makes operations future-ready.

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