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Trilliant is Recognized as a Company to Watch by Smart Grid News

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Redwood City, California – February 5, 2014: Trilliant, a leading smart grid communications company, today announced that it was named to the “14 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2014” by Smart Grid News, a leading provider of news and analyses for the modernization and automation of electric power.

Trilliant is recognized for its proven, multi-purpose, multi-technology communications platform that has helped energy providers around the world deliver the benefits of smart grid to their operations and consumers. The Trilliant Platform is a communications platform purpose-built for the smart grid.  Utilities worldwide have recognized that a single communication technology will not address all of their smart grid needs: broadband may be needed for low-latency applications like distribution automation, and cellular AMI may be needed for targeted deployments.  Trilliant has integrated market-leading technology – broadband mesh, RF mesh AMI, cellular AMI, and others – into a common platform. Trilliant’s unified, multi-purpose, multi-technology platform gives utilities the simplicity of one platform with the flexibility of multiple technologies, built with open standards and with broad industry support – providing utilities a low-risk path towards the smart grid.

Trilliant is delighted to be recognized by Smart Grid News as it demonstrates the company’s continued innovations to bring robust, smart communication solutions to energy providers around the world. Trilliant is committed to helping utility customers and their consumers realize the tremendous benefits from a modernized energy infrastructure.


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Trilliant helps leading utilities and energy retailers achieve smart grid visions through the Trilliant Communications Platform, the only multi-purpose, multi-technology communications platform purpose-built for the energy industry that integrates disparate systems of systems into a unified whole. The Trilliant Platform is deployed with more than 200 utilities worldwide to enhance energy efficiency, improve grid reliability, lower operating costs, integrate renewable energy resources and electric vehicles, and empower consumers to better manage their energy consumption. For more information, visit