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Flexible Strategies for the Smart City

Understanding the modern challenges to plan for networked success

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Why Wireless Systems Operating in Unlicensed Spectrum Can Offer High Reliability

This white paper will illustrate why it is possible for operators to operate their broadband wireless networks in unlicensed bands and offer high reliability services.
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Smart Grid System Selection: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

This white paper illustrates the Best Practices and Lessons Learned to ensure a successful Smart Grid System Selection.
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The Robust and Resilient Smart Grid: Many Applications, One Powerful Platform

This white paper will help illustrate how putting in the right Smart Grid Communications Platform from the beginning will help utilities to support a wide range of beneficial applications.

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Smart Grid Communication Assessment Criteria among RF  Mesh, PLC, and Cellular Technology

This white paper will help utilities to map their different  situation/deployment scenarios across the important assessment criteria, and to define the implications of this assessment in choosing the right communication technology.   Download the file here (332 KB)

Security By Design

Trilliant has built its Platform around security from the start. We put  security and data privacy at the heart of our product, and have developed an ethos throughout our business of putting security first.
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Telecommunications Considerations for Distribution Automation Applications

Over the last decade, increased worldwide investment in the “Smart Grid” has aimed to enhance the capabilities of the transmission and distribution networks that deliver electric power to energy consumers.
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The Home Area Network: Architectural Considerations for Rapid Innovation

Two recent reports published by ON World, a research firm providing business intelligence on smart technology markets, predict that 100 million smart meters will be deployed in the next five years and that half of these will have a built-in Home-Area Network (HAN) gateway for in-home energy management programs and services.
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Wireless WAN for the Smart Grid

A Smart Grid communications infrastructure allows utilities to interact with devices on their electric grid as well as with customers and distributed power generation and storage facilities.
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Application Domain Partitioning for the Smart Grid

Today’s electric grid employs a variety of different monitoring and control applications, many of which use different forms of communications. Utilities also operate a number of enterprise applications on their corporate networks.
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Defining the Smart Grid WAN

The key value of any wireless network is its ability to deliver the necessary capacity over an area of coverage at a cost commensurate with the value provided.
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Trilliant Energy Services Notice of Application

Trilliant Energy Services application for Unit Smart Metering License (in English and French)

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