Demand Response

Demand Response is an approach to electric distribution that lets you lower peak demand by enlisting customers in specific conservation measures. With it, you can avoid:

  •  Building or contracting for excess peak generating facilities.
  •  Buying power at high spot prices during periods of high demand.

Choose Trilliant Demand Response (DR)

Trilliant Demand Response solutions offers utilities far more flexibility than other vendors’ approaches. You can, for instance,  choose among many different types of DR. Here are just a few examples:

  • Time-of-Use and Peak Demand programs. Customer charges may vary by time of day, day of week, or season. Or rates may vary with the amount of demand on the grid at any one time. Trilliant’s solution makes these programs highly effective.
  • Load Control Programs. Trilliant’s solution lets you control customers’ high-energy-consuming equipment directly and in real time. Trilliant also provides data that helps utilities react at the optimal moment.
  • Conservation Voltage Reduction. Trilliant’s system gives you voltage data from bellweather meters. You can use it to reduce voltage by a few volts across your customer base—a powerful tool that does not affect customers’ power quality, nor does it require customers to participate in specialized programs.

For all these programs and more, you get:

  • Sensor-level data in near-real-time. This permits close monitoring and control of customer equipment.
  • All-channel meter monitoring. This lets you include reactive energies, per-phase voltage, per-phase current, and frequency as elements in your DR programs.
  • Reliable connectivity with all equipment enrolled in a program.
  • Post event analysis.
  • Participation data that you can use for predictive modeling.
  • Ability to match power availability and demand more closely. You can analyze data system-wide, across a neighborhood, or feeder-by-feeder.
  • Reduced operational cost.
  • Visibility into device failure.
  • Improved reliability.
  • Support for Distributed Energy Resources and electric vehicle charging. You maintain the same quality of service and delivery while adding customer services.