Demand Response

Flexibility to reduce or shift peak demand for cost-effectiveness

A choice of Demand Response (DR) solutions to optimize efficiency

Trilliant provides utilities with the flexibility to vary response to fluctuating demand by choosing from these solutions:

  • Time-of-Use and Peak Demand Programs vary customer charges by time of day, day of week, or season. Rates can be varied with the amount of demand on the grid at any one time.
  • Load Control Programs enable you to control customers’ high-energy consuming equipment in real-time, at the optimal moment.
  • Conservation Voltage Reduction enables you to leverage voltage data to reduce voltage by a few volts across your customer base, without impacting customers’ power quality.

DR solutions that provide a wide range of functional benefits

  • Sensor-level data in near real-time for monitoring and control of customer equipment
  • All-channel monitoring enabling use of reactive energies, per-phase voltage, and frequency in leveraging DR solutions
  • Reliable connectivity with all equipment
  • Participation data that enables predictive modelling
  • Ability to match power availability and demand for cost-effectiveness and reliability
  • Support for adding customer services like electric vehicle charging and Distributed Energy Resources
  • Post-event analysis

Another way Trilliant delivers the Power of Choice

The ability to respond to fluctuating demand with a choice of solutions enables utilities to maintain true efficiency by avoiding the need for additional facilities to meet higher peak demand, or the need to buy power at higher spot prices when demand surges.