Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Take your metering systems and customer services far beyond billing

Utilities today should expect their metering systems to deliver much more than standard billing information. Trilliant Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) delivers functions and data that go far beyond that to provide real-time visibility into all your key metrics, communicate with all the devices you have in place now, and support your vision for a future-ready Smart Grid.

Trilliant AMI delivers the Power of Choice to gain the full value of your metering:

  • Gain maximum meter capabilities — Receive and process data from any number of channels. Apply any number of rules. Use any meter type—residential, commercial, or industrial—single phase or polyphase. And choose meters from any vendor.
  • Optimize performance for all applications — Utilities of any size can collect data that powers applications like pre-payment, conservation voltage reduction, and real-time pricing.
  • Integrate any metering system – Full functionality including data management, customer information, billing, outage management, distributed resource and demand response management, and more.

Take customer services far beyond billing

Trilliant AMI enables you to offer customers valuable new benefits:

  • Encourage wise energy use with time-of-use pricing, prepayment, and special pricing for electric vehicle recharging.
  • Minimize wait times for service technicians.
  • Enable commercial contracts to include demand rates, apparent power, and reactive power.
  • Improve the time and efficiency of outage notifications and restoration efforts.
  • Optimize efficiency of home, business, and industrial equipment with power quality monitoring.
  • Enable new devices like smart thermostats and commercial sub-meters.
  • Implement customer engagement tools to encourage participation in conservation programs.