Trilliant Prime Energy Suite

Comprehensive, high-performance data acquisition and management solution.

In 2021, Trilliant announced its acquisition of Primestone, a premier Data & Analytics technology provider dedicated to the utility industry.  We are pleased to continue to offer Prime Energy Suite (PES), a proven solution that automates workflows with simultaneous collection, analysis, and optimization of device data. The multi-protocol, multi-network software suite supports comprehensive data management for more than 300 device models.



Much more than a tool for meter data management

  • A single platform to read all your meters and store all readings in a single database.
  • Instant alerts about errors and anomalies in the operation.
  • Friendly, intuitive web portal for both internal users and end consumers.
  • Converts all device data into relevant information for each level of the organization.
  • Integrates seamlessly with ERP, SAP, SCADA, and CIS billing systems.


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