Cellular Integration

Incorporate any number of cellular providers into backbone WAN/NAN systems

Modern LTE cellular networks enable utilities to deploy communications without adding infrastructure. Trilliant makes it possible to migrate your current Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution to cellular over time, and incorporate features like pre-payment, solar, and electric vehicle charging. LTE also offers a low-battery-consumption mode, ideal for applications like gas and water meter communications, and sensors that don’t have access to power.

Trilliant was one of the first providers of cellular-enabled meters for AMI, and provides communications for the largest cellular AMI deployment in the world for electric meters, gas meters, in-home display units, and smart energy devices.

The power to choose the network configuration that best suits your needs

Trilliant makes it possible to choose the best configuration for integrating cellular or RF into your network.

  • Incorporate any number of cellular providers into your backbone WAN/NAN systems, regardless of differences among carriers and their ecosystems.
  • Trilliant supports meters and other devices from any manufacturer, so you can use your own cellular meters and communication modules.
  • Trilliant SecureMesh® WAN or NAN, and Trilliant SecureReach® LPWAN solutions can be integrated as cellular alternatives, where it makes economic sense.