Sub-Metering for Smart Buildings

Wireless submetering purpose-built for IIoT , Smart Grid and Smart City applications

Sub-Metering is an integral aspect of building management, to track electricity consumption in individual suites and offices, monitor a building’s energy performance, and encourage energy conservation. Trilliant’s wireless Sub-Metering solution makes the whole process simpler and more functional.

Trilliant Sub-Metering replaces wired meters and cables with a wireless submetering solution that tracks your tenants’ consumption, while also analyzing your building’s energy performance to pinpoint problems or areas for improvement. Simply add a communications panel to your new or existing meters and you’ll be able to use Trilliant’s SecureReach® Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) to link building meters to each other, and even to networks in other buildings.

Choose Trilliant Sub-Metering for Smart Buildings

Gain the advantages only Smart technology can provide

Trilliant will work with you to design an optimal system, install it, maintain it, and enhance it as your needs evolve. With Trilliant Sub-Metering, building owners/managers can:

  • House systems for multiple tenants in small spaces like closets or panels. No need for space-consuming, revenue-reducing meter rooms.
  • Retrofit buildings for EV charging, with the ability to link chargers to specific tenants and deliver consolidated billing.
  • Bill tenants in multiple buildings from one centralized system.
  • Benchmark energy performance across multiple buildings, and analyze the performance of any building to identify problems, and ensure energy-efficiency standards are being met.
  • Switch buildings and meters to back-up generation during blackouts or periods of high electricity prices.

Trilliant Sub-Metering provides a true Smart Building infrastructure

Sub-Metering empowers you to manage and control utility costs, and promote energy efficiency within multi-unit facilities and across multiple buildings.

Gain deeper insights into Trilliant's Sub-Metering Solution by accessing our comprehensive datasheet

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