Meter Integration

True meter integration is a core component of an electric utility and a city’s strategic plan to ensure full access to their data, lower cost of ownership, best meter price and much more. Trilliant is proud to integrate with more than 340+ electric meter brands and models worldwide within our robust partner ecosystem, as well as those for water, gas and thermal. This ultimately provides even more power of choice to our customers.

Not only does Trilliant provide the ultimate in meter choice, we also support a variety of integration approaches:​

  • Full design and integration​
  • Self integration(OSDI/SUM)​
  • Bring Your Own Device (Cellular)​

A successful Trilliant meter integration provides extensive value:

  • Cost Management: Best meter price and TCO​
  • Device & Technology- Agnostic : Multiple technologies on one communications platform​
  • Accessibility: Full access to all meter data for the end user​
  • Customer Experience: Deliver an enhanced experience to all of your customers

You can also count on a mature, structured, and fully documented integration certification process including:​

  • Protocol requirements definition and development​
  • Hardware design and validation​
  • Thorough validation of end-to-end solution​