AMI for Smart Water

Digitally transform your water meter strategy with a universal gateway that provides multiple interface options, and an HES that supports both complete and tactical deployments

A major challenge for water utilities is how to migrate away from walk-by, drive-by, and AMI 1.0 solutions to AMI 2.0 without a complete replacement of all meters. Additionally, they need solutions that help them identify leaks in their distribution system. Customers need information on leaks they may have and how best to manage their water usage.

The water utiity sector is mirroring the migration that the electric utility industry has gone through with AMI 1.0, for many of the same reasons. They have had the luxury of seeing the electric utilities go through this process and understanding the key benefits they will achieve. They have also learned from the challenges electric utilities had in selecting the right solution for their business.

One of the major lessons learned from the electric market experience is how important it is to not be locked into a single meter supplier.

Trilliant has the most universal AMI head-end systems in the industry integrated with well over 300 meter types in the Electric AMI Market. Trilliant is bringing this same “power of choice” methodology to the Water and Gas AMI markets.

Trilliant’s head-end system, UnitySuite, also provides a network and data collection management system that is being used for managing our own and third party cellular (including NBIoT), third party LPWAN, and mesh solutions – all from the same AMI head-end system implementation. This also enables a consolidation and normalization of integration points lowering and simplifying the integration process.


UnitySuite supports both complete and tactical deployments. Tactical deployments enable a utility to migrate from one system to another at their own pace without disruption to the utility’s existing business processes.

Trilliant’s expertise in a variety of wireless AMI systems has provided extensive experience in how to best manage disperate systems. With the variety of existing communications types in the market today, it is a challenge for a single vendor to integrate the wireless communications into a system working in concert and providing a common WAN communication path.

Trilliant offers a universal gateway that provides multiple interface options that can communicate with LoRA, WMBus, and NBIoT in a single deployed unit. This provides the utility with maximum flexibility to continue optimizing their current assets in the field, and easily migrating to the next generation.

Trilliant’s AMI for Smart Water solution includes:

  • Software
    • Trilliant’s proven device-independent UnitySuite HES platform with our “water application” module
    • API support for third party water related applications
    • Water analytics and customer portal
    • Software driver support for commercially available integrated cellular water meters
  • Hardware
    • Trilliant SecureReach® LPWAN technology for these “hard to reach” battery operated endpoints
    • Development of a Trilliant SecureReach® based Meter Interface Unit (MIU) for interfacing with water meters using 3-wire UI-1203 protocol (commonly used in North America)
    • Development of a Trilliant SecureReach®-wireless MBUS gateway for interfacing with wMBUS meters installed for walk-by/drive-by meter reading (commonly used in EMEA region)
    • Trilliant SecureReach® remote monitoring unit that can interface with water SCADA RTUs for command and control of water distribution assets
  • Water Meter Partners
    • Partnerships worldwide with water meter technology experts including JANZ, Maddalena, and more.
  • Trilliant water experience to date:
    • Deployments in North America using Trilliant SecureReach® water MIU
    • Suite Metering support for water in Canada using Trilliant SecureReach® MIU Hub
    • Demo/pilots using Trilliant SecureReach® to wireless MBUS gateway at Manx Utilities in the Isle of Mann
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