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Trilliant Capabilities Overview

At Trilliant, we provide the broadest range of connectivity solutions for utilities, cities, and energy companies worldwide. Download Now

Trilliant Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Today’s utility expects its meter data to go far beyond billing. By adding the right communication infrastructure to your metering system, you can get real-time visibility throughout your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. Download Now

Non-Technical Loss Analytics

Non-Technical Loss (NTL) – primarily due to energy fraud, theft, or misconfigured/malfunctioning meters is a critical and growing challenge for electricity distribution utilities. Download Now

Analytics & Data Services

Trilliant’s Analytics & Data Services is a solution based on state-of-the art Big Data and analytics technologies, which integrates the collection, validation and analysis of data into a single platform in order to optimize decision-making. Download Now

Sub-Metering Solution

Enhance Your Smart Building Strategy with a Proven Sub-Metering Solution. Download Now

Prime Energy Suite

Prime Energy Suite is more than just a tool for meter data management (Meter Data Collector), as it helps to improve operational efficiency for utilities. Download Now

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