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Discover the Power of Choice Video

Check out our Discover the Power of Choice video and find out more about how we can help you accelerate your Energy Transition! Learn more

Detecting Energy Theft at the Meter Remotely

A solution brief from Trilliant that reviews best practices for using analytics-as-a-service to reduce electricity theft, increase revenue, save on labor costs and improve forecasting. Download Now

Environmental Sustainability at Trilliant

Designing and implementing innovative solutions for our customers while remaining socially and environmentally conscious is important to Trilliant’s success. Download Now

Trilliant for Smart Grids

A smart grid provides data. For more than a decade, utilities have deployed smart meters, and then gathered, processed, and analyzed huge amounts of data. With this data, utilities can accomplish several vital tasks: Download Now

Trilliant for Smart Cities

City leaders face multiple pressing problems. Ensuring public safety, boosting the economy, reducing crime, and improving health are just a few of the priorities and challenges leaders face every day. Download Now

Trilliant SecureReach® Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)

Some AMI networks don’t require constant and instantaneous communication, for instance where a customer’s meter is read normally only once per month. The SecureReach® Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is commonly used for AMI infrastructure in both rural and urban areas. Download Now

Trilliant SecureMesh® WAN/NAN

Communications on a smart grid infrastructure requires two-way network systems that can include millions of devices, all scattered over thousands of square miles. While some networks require real-time data communications, sometimes they don’t, and others don’t require it at all. Download Now

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