Trilliant SecureReach® LPWAN

High capacity, economical solution for rural or hard-to-reach deployments

Deploying always-on, two-way communications isn’t always possible or economically realistic, such as in rural or rugged settings, or urban areas where meters are read infrequently. Trilliant’s SecureReach® LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) for AMI is designed for such deployments, combining high capacity with strong security and low deployment and operating costs.

Networks that deliver broad coverage with exceptional efficiency

SecureReach LPWAN solutions have been designed specifically for low-data-rate / high-capacity networks. They deliver a wide range of benefits that are critical to networks purpose-built for rural or hard-to-reach environments:

  • Millions of connections that can cover 50-200 square miles per outdoor endpoint.
  • High capacity with each LPWAN handling up to 1,200 endpoints.
  • Exceptionally cost-efficient:
  • Uses only enough power to maintain uninterrupted communication between endpoint and utility.
  • Endpoints can sleep when not sending data, reducing costs and extending the life of battery-powered meters.
  • Supports battery-powered meters for electricity, natural gas, or water.
  • End-to-end power-line monitoring for fast, accurate fault identification and location data.