Trilliant SecureReach® LPWAN

Some AMI networks don’t require constant and instantaneous communication, for instance where a customer’s meter is read normally only once per month. The SecureReach® Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is commonly used for AMI infrastructure in both rural and urban areas.

The SecureReach LPWAN is ideal for targeted and hard-to-reach deployments over rugged geography.

SecureReach LPWAN for AMI provides millions of connections that can cover 50-200 square miles for above ground and outdoor endpoints. Each LPWAN has up to 1,200 endpoints, and the solution also operates very efficiently, only using enough power to maintain solid communication links between devices and central utility applications. Endpoints “sleep” when not sending data, lowering costs and extending the life of battery-powered meters. The LPWAN can cover meters for battery-powered electric, natural gas or water.

High Function/Lower Cost

The LPWAN is designed as a high-capacity network that provides wide area coverage. Trilliant LPWAN solutions provide the highest level of security, just like with all our communications solutions. But it also has lower deployment and operating costs.

AMI firmware upgrades are quick and efficient on the LPWAN solution. Whether it’s 10,000 or 100,000 devices, there is no time difference when upgrading the network. Upgrades happen within 3-7 days.

Fault Circuit Indicator Solution

Need to monitor faults on low power wide area networks? Trilliant offers end-to-end power-line monitoring for Trilliant SecureReach LPWAN users.

When a fault occurs, the Fault Circuit Indicator notifies a data concentrator. The SecureReach LPWAN then forwards the data to the Trilliant SecureMesh WAN and the UnitySuite Headend.

The result is faster, more accurate fault location that speeds technicians directly to the problem.