SecureMesh® WAN

Communications on a smart grid infrastructure requires two-way network systems that can include millions of devices, stretched across thousands of square miles. While some networks require real-time data communications, sometimes they don’t, and others don’t require it at all.

Trilliant provides network solutions that cover all aspects of an AMI system requirements:

  • Trilliant SecureMesh® Wide Area Network (WAN). You get real-time communications with large numbers of devices across a large geographic area.

Our Trilliant SecureMesh WAN supports the most demanding application requirements:

  • Speed – Provides latency times between device to head end of less than 10 milliseconds.
  • Uninterrupted communications – Uses dynamic routing. Your data has multiple paths to its destination.
  • Security – Features a complete menu of industry security standards.

The Trilliant SecureMesh WAN is an efficient communications network that covers large territories under a single system. And with Trilliant SecureMesh, there’s no need to change out any of your current meters. Our Trilliant SecureMesh WAN (and all Trilliant communications systems) are device agnostic.

And integrating a Trilliant SecureMesh WAN with a neighborhood area network (NAN) expands coverage exponentially.

Trilliant SecureMesh WAN can be used to link the collectors to common backhaul takeout points, or each can be independently connected to any IP-based backhaul – cellular LTE, fiber, or any available networked system.

Trilliant SecureMesh WAN  provides an adaptive mesh networking configuration. If an endpoint loses connection with its neighbor, it will find alternative routes, a self-healing network that creates new routes autonomously.