SecureMesh® NAN

High-speed, two-way communications for the urban environment

Ever-evolving urban landscapes present a unique challenge for communication networks. Trilliant’s SecureMesh® NAN (Neighborhood Area Network) is designed for the changing conditions inherent in higher-density AMI deployments, with the ability to reliably reach meters and sensors located across the network.

The Smart Grid solution for dense urban or sparse rural landscapes

SecureMesh® NAN uses a 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) radio frequency (RF) mesh network to gather data and communicate controls to AMI meters and other sensors on the distribution grid. It provides a secure network that delivers important benefits:

  • Scalability – Seamlessly adjust to changing network conditions by increasing the range of endpoints at data rates up to 2.4 megabytes per second (Mbps).
  • Resiliency – Features the same adaptive mesh configuration as SecureMesh® WAN, so if one endpoint loses a connection it will automatically find alternate routes.
  • Choice – Trilliant’s open and secure technology means there is no need to replace existing meters or other network products. And SecureMesh® NAN can connect to any IP-based backhaul network including cellular LTE, fiber, or networked systems

SecureMesh® NAN enables next-generation applications

Today’s networks must deliver reliability, bandwidth, low latency and features that enable advanced applications. SecureMesh® NAN is part of Trilliant’s  family of next-gen network technologies which are built to support applications like street lights, video surveillance, and more that enable Smart City deployments.