Why Trilliant

We’re proud of our 30+ year history serving the world’s energy companies, utilities, and smart cities – securely, sustainably, reliably. Your success is our success. The entire Trilliant team is passionate about delivering mission-critical solutions to all of our customers, that ultimately help to contribute to the quality of life of citizens worldwide.

Designed to offer you The Power of Choice, our flexible, multi-tiered platform is device-independent, and drives optimal endpoints and outcomes.

We live in a complex world that’s changing every day. Mission-critical challenges keep our energy, utility and city customers awake at night. You’re looking for superior technology solutions to improve connectivity, network and device management, customer experience, IIoT strategies. You need data analytics-driven decision making, as well as cutting edge innovation that will help you achieve your sustainability and net zero goals to help future generations. You need flexible technology options, choices, and ability to deploy in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Trilliant understands your challenges. With 30+ years of experience in this essential industry, we’re prepared to support your business at every stage of your technology journey, ensuring the best possible outcomes. We’re experienced, agile and trusted worldwide to deliver the Smart Grid or Smart City solutions you need to ensure quality of life for the communities you serve.

Trilliant serves more than 200 customers worldwide, with 37M+ endpoints operational and in deployment to date across the globe. Our comprehensive offerings include an unrivalled device independent communications platform, Smart Grid, Metering, City and Buildings solutions, as well as secure and reliable WAN, NAN, LPWAN and Cellular Networks. We look forward to collaborating with you to help you achieve your digital transformation and energy transition goals.

We’re dedicated to providing our valued customers with The Power of Choice, and the ability to select only the solutions you need that make the most sense for your unique business. Trilliant helps to mitigate risk with our device-independent platform so you never have to worry about “lock-in” with one technology provider or meter manufacturer. You can leverage our unmatched flexibility and scalability in an environment that puts our customers and return on investment first.