Trilliant for
Smart Cities

City leaders face multiple pressing problems. Boosting the economy, reducing crime, and improving health are just a few of the “top ten” challenges you face every day.

Technology can help. But where should you invest today’s tax dollars? How can you best link your constituents, your staff, and your services in ways that avoid duplication while meeting the public’s need for transparency?

The answer is not an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all network from a vendor primarily interested in selling devices. The answer is a carefully designed strategy for complete municipal communications. It begins with a network foundation that will last for decades into the future. And it evolves as you define the outcomes that produce livability.

Why Smart Cities Need Trilliant

At Trilliant, we know that the Smart City is evolutionary. We start with the problems you most need to solve. We look ahead at the problems you’ll be facing in the future. Then we propose the solutions that deliver the most today while also accommodating future needs.

We begin with the foundation of your solution—a strong communications network. And Trilliant uses the approach that’s best for you. You can start with:

  • A partnership with a local utility. In many cases, cities can use a network that’s already in place for utility meter reading.
  • An existing network. You may already have in place a system that covers only part of your territory or that’s in use for only limited applications.
  • A new Trilliant network solution. Our combination of cutting-edge technologies—wide-area, neighborhood, cellular, and more—gives you the strength and scope you need to solve today’s problems and to prepare for a future with many new options and many more data-producing devices.

You can also combine these networks and add onto them later. Additionally, you can layer multiple solutions onto the same network, ultimately reducing operational costs.

Once you’ve established the foundation basics, you can begin to add the solutions that resolve your most pressing issues—like making streets safer or increasing building efficiency.  You can choose these solutions with confidence, knowing that you have the communications infrastructure to move forward into an increasingly complex world and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Trilliant means choice. We provide:

  • Multiple types of networks that make data consistent, secure, and readily available.
  • Integration of the networks and devices you already have with new equipment that can address emerging problems.
  • Scalability that lets you deploy multiple applications across your entire city, no matter how large or small.
  • A secure, reliable solution ecosystem.
  • Data integration from devices across your entire system.
  • A centralized set of portals and dashboards that give staff and citizens the information they need in a format they can easily understand.

Sustainability is at the heart of every Trilliant solution. We help your buildings use fossil fuels more efficiently. We enable roof-top solar integration and faster outage repair. We shrink the cost of public safety needs like street lighting. We repair, repurpose, and recycle outdated devices. You can move forward with confidence, knowing that Trilliant solutions work with you to build a livable world.

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