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Utilities are facing a major transition in their history effecting how they manage electric generation, distribution, customer satisfaction, and profitability. In order to meet these new challenges, a utility needs more data than ever, in a time sensitive manner.

A utility needs a Smart Grid. With it, you can gather, process, and analyze huge amounts of data.

  • Collect and manage data needed to manage the two-way energy flow created by the the integration of small rooftop solar sources, electric vehicles, and intermittent renewable energy sources into your supply portfolio.
  • Reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Shorten or eliminate outages.

To achieve your Smart Grid goals, you need efficient, reliable analytics and software solutions. And you need a communications network that helps you maximize the value of the data that fuels your applications. These are the most important investments you’ll make as you build the Smart Grid that delivers measurable benefits to your utility.

Meeting the Challenges of the Future

The Smart Grid foundation you put in place today must do more than simply respond to today’s needs. It must also enable the future. It’s a future in which you will need to connect and integrate many more devices—a future in which you will face the challenges of machine-to-machine communication, big data, and artificial intelligence.

This is the future of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It will bring you unprecedented speed and efficiency. It will help you deliver new services to customers. With IIoT, you will be able to analyze problems faster, better control costs, and address the challenge of climate change.

Why Utilities Need Trilliant for Smart Grids

Trilliant Smart Grid solutions are the ideal foundation for your future.

  • Multiple network solutions to enable the utility to optimize connectivity that best serve your territories and customers.
  • Open, Industry Standard-Base architecture that enables integration into any meter and field device enabling the utility to select which vendors they prefer. This agnostic approach to devices enables a utility to minimize risk, deploy a future-proof network, and ensure competitive prices for devices you’ll acquire now and in the future.
  • A standard interface for ease of integration with third party applications – CIS, billing, DRMS, ADMS, OMS, and analytics.
  • Keep your equipment up to date with new and enhanced firmware over the air.
  • Data and control at a rate that optimizes latency needed for applications like demand response, outage management, and volt/VAR optimization.
  • Expand to connect new solutions like analytics and lighting control.
  • Achieve your sustainability and energy transition goals.

The Trilliant Approach

Trilliant brings a pragmatic approach to the Smart Grid.

  • We start with the problems you want to solve.
  • We offer flexibility throughout the operating life of your system.
  • We protect against overinvestment by:
    • Offering a base solution that meets current and foreseeable regulatory and environmental requirements.
    • Augmenting the solution with different assets from various manufacturers—meters, sensors, communication types, and bandwidth capabilities.
  • When requirements change and business plans mature, Trilliant’s field-upgradable solutions adapt quickly and readily, protecting against obsolescence.

The Smart Grid inevitably brings with it Big Data. Trilliant understands its challenges. We deliver the speed, security, and reliability you need to:

  • Gather and consolidate vast amounts of new data.
  • Analyze data quickly to monitor device performance, respond to emergencies, and reduce operating costs.
  • Channel data to complex centralized applications that further determine next steps and long-range actions.

Trilliant keeps installation and operational costs low by joining the solutions you need today in a foundation designed for future expansion.

Trilliant for Smart Grid Overview

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