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Smart Grids

Next-generation solutions to reliably manage electricity generation, distribution, customer satisfaction, and profitability

A Smart Grid is key to effective, efficient operation of today’s utilities. It enables utilities to generate and manage significant volumes of data that enable optimum services for customers; connect and integrate more devices than ever; all while operating securely at peak efficiency.

Trilliant solutions provide an ideal foundation to maximize the functionality, reliability and value of a true Smart Grid – now and into a future where technologies like machine-to-machine communication, big data, and artificial intelligence present both opportunities and challenges.

Consider the many benefits of Trilliant Smart Grid solutions:

  • The Power of Choice – Our open architecture integrates with any meter and field device, giving you the freedom to work with the vendors of your choice.
  • Maximum value of data – Gather and process huge volumes of data, and leverage efficient, reliable analytics to maximize its value.
  • Multiple Network Solutions – Choose the connectivity solutions that best suit your varying markets and customers.
  • Standard Interface – Trouble-free integration with third-party applications such as billing, analytics, CIS, and more.
  • Easy Maintenance – Keep equipment up-to-date and operating efficiently with enhanced firmware delivered over our wireless technology.
  • Optimized Latency – Data and control latency rates meet and exceed the needs of your solutions for demand response, outage management, and more.

Adopt the future of IIoT

Trilliant Smart Grid solutions enable the opportunities presented by IIoT – the Industrial Internet of Things. As utilities connect increasing numbers of devices and generate growing volumes of real-time data, Trilliant Smart Grid solutions support the highest level of reliability, enable  interoperability between devices, and provide comprehensive monitoring, control and reliability across your network.

Trilliant Smart Grid solutions enable the next generation of energy management

As the energy industry faces the challenges of the future, Trilliant solutions provide the ultimate in flexibility, and minimize installation and operational costs by integrating your existing investments into a fully functioning Smart Grid. For utilities, that means minimum risk and the ability to ensure competitive prices for devices you’ll acquire now and in the future. All leading to a future-proof digital power system that supports sustainability and carbon-neutral goals.

Trilliant for Smart Grid Overview

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