Networks and Devices Overview

Trilliant Network Solutions are the foundation of your Smart Grid. They provide all the communications technologies you need to ensure reliable, secure connections between utility applications and the devices that send data to those applications. Alone or in combination, Trilliant’s Network Solutions and our UnitySuite Head-end system address your deployment challenges. They also contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.

Trilliant Network Solutions include:

  • Trilliant SecureMesh® Wide Area Network (WAN). You get real-time communications with large numbers of devices across a large geographic area using mesh-based architecture.
  • Trilliant SecureMesh® Neighborhood Area Network (NAN). Use it for Advanced Metering Infrastructure and distribution sensors in urban areas where mesh-based networks provide efficiency.
  • Trilliant SecureReach® Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs). Supports Advanced Metering Infrastructure and distribution sensors using long range point-to-multi-point architecture, especially advantageous in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Integration with cellular networks. Provides the utility an Advanced Metering Infrastructure application to support the use of existing public cellular carrier infrastructure or their own private LTE network.

The additional advantage of Trilliant Network Solutions is that they all use a common network interface and management application, Trilliant UnitySuite®, providing the utility with a single pane of glass regardless of which Trilliant solutions are used. It includes a network monitoring and management system, endpoint data collection and control management, integration point with a utility’s critical operational applications, and business intelligence solutions.

Trilliant Network Solutions offer:

  • Security. We comply with NIST and ISO/IEC standards on information security. They guard your system against unwanted intrusions and data misuse.
  • Flexibility. Trilliant networks integrate with a utility’s existing and future network and application needs. Trilliant has the broadest portfolio of meter integrations in the AMI industry, enabling a utility with unmatched power of choice.
  • Industry leading coverage and range.