Smart Outdoor Lighting

Reduce costs and enhance public safety with a scalable, secure Smart City platform

Outdoor lighting is critical to the safety of citizens. It is an enabler of Smart City services — from street lighting and parking management, to traffic management and public safety, to facilitating evening use of parks and other areas for outdoor activities. The ability of cities to closely control outdoor lighting efficiency is increasingly important for cost reductions environmental reasons.

Trilliant SecureReach® connectivity, along with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), enable cities to deploy smart data hubs on light posts to provide benefits like metered power, edge processing, and data communications. And most importantly, they provide better control of outdoor lighting and reduced energy costs. Plus, Trilliant Smart Outdoor Lighting solutions position you to offer revenue-generating Smart City applications like sensor platforms, video surveillance, digital signage, and other services.

Consider the benefits of Trilliant’s Smart Outdoor Lighting control and monitoring platform:

  • The Power of Choice – Trilliant gives you the ability configure, control, monitor and meter outdoor lighting, while it provides device independence so you can create multi-vendor solutions.
  • Immediate Value – Smart Outdoor Lighting and other Smart City services deliver immediate ROI, including energy, repair, and maintenance savings, as well as improved lighting quality and the ability to add revenue-generating connected city applications.
  • Open Architecture and APIs – Add third-party solutions to the street lighting network to take advantage of the evolution of sensor and other technologies.
  • Modular Approach – Protect existing investments while building compatible ‘plug & play’ modules.
  • Managed Services – Leverage Trilliant’s Managed Services to maximize benefits like cost-savings, increased uptime, mission-critical security, and revenue generation.

Trilliant Smart Outdoor Lighting is key to your Smart City vision

Trilliant Smart Outdoor Lighting enables you to save money while generating more Smart City data that can improve the environment, traffic, and safety, and even generate revenue. Ultimately, it means a better-managed city and happier citizens.