UnitySuite® (HES)

Can you use data from all available metering channels to create new customer services? Do your field technicians get the alerts they need to solve outages and equipment problems quickly? Do you know, minute by minute, how your network is performing? Trilliant’s UnitySuite has the answers.

Trilliant network solutions deliver the data that helps you solve all these problems. To do that most effectively, you need the UnitySuite Head-end (HES) System to:

  • Set off alarms that notify utility staff of emergencies.
  • Create business intelligence via dashboards that visualize device and network data.
  • Power centralized utility applications.

The UnitySuite Head-end System makes sure you can make use of all the data your network delivers. It maximizes the value of your data, channeling it to wherever its needed and arming your staff with tools that keep your entire field operation moving smoothly.  The system includes:

  • UnitySuite Head-end and High-Performance Data Store
  • UnitySuite Network Element Management
  • UnitySuite Business Intelligence

UnitySuite Head-end & High-Performance Data Store

The UnitySuite Head-end receives data from meters and other network devices. It integrates data streams coming from different sources using standards like CIM and MultiSpeak. It formats the data according to ultimate use and forwards it either to centralized utility applications or to another Trilliant application.

The UnitySuite Head-end also routes messages coming from the utility to the appropriate devices.

The UnitySuite Head-end performs multiple additional functions, including:

  • Data validation
  • Data synchronization, using internal clocks synchronized globally
  • Temporary data storage that acts as additional security, using the High-Performance Data Store

UnitySuite Network Element Management

UnitySuite Network Element Management (NEMS) is your network’s control center. It:

  • Configures and manages all the connectors and interfaces on all your networks.
  • Integrates data from Trilliant networks with data from any other source.
  • Monitors network performance in real time.
  • Schedules tasks like meter reads, disconnects, and firmware updates.
  • Incorporates web services to keep operational costs low.

Most important, NEMS displays network data to operators using multiple customizable dashboards. A variety of visualization techniques, including integration with Google Earth, let operators respond more quickly to emergencies and immediately grasp information required to keep networks and applications flowing smoothly.

UnitySuite Business Intelligence

UnitySuite Business Intelligence integrates data from multiple sources—not just from Trilliant networks but from any utility network or application. It then produces dashboards that help you, for example:

  • Optimize asset use, maintenance, and replacement.
  • Manage outages.
  • Model systems.
  • Balance multiple supply sources.
  • Optimize electricity flow across the grid.

With UnitySuite Business Intelligence, you can:

  • Compare network and device performance at different times and under different circumstances to maximize system reliability.
  • Use trend charts and visualizations to optimize efficiency and asset use.
  • Create robust reports and dashboards that meet your business needs.
  • Make informed, real-time decisions about grid operations.
  • Plan for future investments with confidence.