UnitySuite® (HES)

A powerful, device-independent head-end system that maximizes the value of your network data

Can you use data from all available metering channels to create new customer services?

Do your field technicians get the alerts they need to solve outages and equipment problems quickly?

Do you know, minute-by-minute, how your network is performing?

To ensure the answer is ‘yes’ to those questions, Smart Grid solutions must interoperate reliably in a utility’s IT environment, and network data is critical to do that. Trilliant’s UnitySuite® Communications Platform delivers the all-important data that helps keep a utility’s field operations running smoothly:

  • Provides monitoring of network performance with dashboards and visualizations
  • Powers centralized utilities applications, and enables the ability to optimize asset use
  • Provides alarms so operators can respond quickly to emergencies
  • Achieves the best, most reliable electricity flow across the grid


Head-end System and High-Performance Data Store

Receives data from meters and other network devices, formats the data, and sends it to centralized applications. Also synchronizes and validates data, and routes messages from the utility to its network devices.

Network Element Management

The network’s control center, it configures and manages all network connectors and interfaces, integrates all data inputs, monitors network performance, schedules tasks like meter reads and updates, and displays data on customizable dashboards.

Business Intelligence

Integrates data from multiple sources, including non-Trilliant networks. It creates dashboards and reports that help you visualize asset use and efficiency, manage outages, and more, enabling informed real-time decisions about grid operations.

Trilliant UnitySuite® provides the information that drives a reliable, cost-effective Smart Grid

  • Channel data to where it’s needed for action and real-time decision-making
  • Build customized dashboards that meet the needs of departments, operators, and managers
  • Gain instant notification of emergencies, and the ability to respond quickly
  • Keep your networks and applications running smoothly, every day