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UnitySuite® Business Intelligence

Often spreadsheets are the way that that data is shared between organizations. Although simple, this is an inefficient way to manage the terabytes of data that intelligent, connected devices can generate.

At Trilliant, we’re passionate about empowering you through connectivity. We enable actionable intelligence for our customers and their customers through an open and secure communications platform. Our UnitySuite Business Intelligence platform provides you a fully customizable software suite that provides a single pane viewing of your data, your way.

Trilliant’s UnitySuite Business Intelligence Module provides an analytical framework to leverage the massive amount of data that flows from millions of connected devices on which to base operational and business decisions.

Our robust platform provides you near real-time, accurate data that can drive your organization to achieve improvements in system reliability, operational efficiency, asset management, network security and personnel safety. These improvements translate directly to the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Trilliant’s UnitySuite® Business Intelligence Module gives you power to:

  • Leverage the vast amount of available network and device data to make informed, real-time decisions
  • Maximize system reliability by proactively monitoring network and device performance
  • Optimize efficiency and asset utilization using trends and visualizations
  • Create robust reports and dashboards that meet your business needs
  • Plan for future investments with confidence

Whether you are planning to use Analytics for system modeling, asset optimization, outage management, distributed energy management, grid optimization, T&D asset management, our business intelligence engine ingests network and device data from multiple sources, including Trilliant’s UnitySuite Head End System, to gain insight into the network from the substation to the meter and generates data in a meaningful way.