DevOps Engineer

Trilliant offers a universal communications platform that is at the convergence of the smart grid, smart city, and global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. We bring together multi-technology solutions, global capabilities, and mission-critical communications to deliver future-proof solutions.

We are a device-agnostic, integrated, multi-technology communication platform that provides flexibility to balance technological capabilities with economic needs. Trilliant is committed to best-in-class solutions that empower our customers and their customers to connect to the world of things.

We are an equal-opportunity employer offering comprehensive benefits and compensation packages with a selection of insurance programs. We have dynamic and collaborative work environments with some of the brightest employees in the world. We invest in people and provide opportunities for our employees to grow hand in hand with our business.

Job Description:

Trilliant is looking for a DevOps Engineer who would like to evolve in a continuous development environment, with complex and motivating challenges. As a DevOps Engineer, you will have to work with development, production, and maintenance operations, as well as the team that takes care of the IT infrastructure and service platform.

Position Responsibilities :

  • Improve and support the continuous development process.
  • Use and add tools to automate all tasks in the development process and improve the productivity of the development team.
  • Be able to understand the multiple issues related to complex architectures (SOA, SAAS, etc.)
  • Be aware of current trends in deployment and continuous integration strategies.
  • Promote the DevOps philosophy within the team.
  • Share knowledge with team members in the use of tools related to continuous development so that they are autonomous.
  • Know the concepts of networking and security in order to properly configure the solution’s environments.

Position Requirements :

  • Experience with SOA, SAAS, IAAS, etc.
  • Microservice and Web Service
  • Creating and Maintaining Pipelines
  • Terraform
  • Knowledge of environments: AWS (Amazon), Kubernetes, Docker, Linux is a major asset
  • Learn about CICD continuous deployment processes with Jenkins and ArgoCD
  • Have a good knowledge of networking concepts.
  • Knowledge of Java, Groovy, Python, Shell scripting is an asset.
  • Knowledge of Deployment and Test Automation


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other degree with relevant experience

Trilliant Values-

PASSIONATE-We find the right solutions for customers and exceed their expectations.

ACCOUNTABLE-We work smartly and tackle problems with urgency to get the job done.

CONFIDENT We look to the future and partner with each other to deliver world-class solutions.

ENERGIZED-We are excited and support the growth and direction of Trilliant.