It’s Great to be Back at DISTRIBUTECH 2022!

Day One is winding down here in Dallas and the energy and excitement continues as attendees re-connect and have the opportunity to finally meet in person at DISTRIBUTECH.

It’s an understatement to say the Trilliant team is delighted to have the opportunity to meet with customers (and potential customers) as well as partners at this exciting event. So much has taken place in the world over the last 2+ years, and we feel grateful for the opportunity to exchange ideas, success stories, and innovations after all this time.

We’re looking forward to catching up — hearing about your goals, priorities and plans, and discussing how we can help you achieve them. It’s also an opportunity to look ahead to new strategies and projects that will benefit from our leading communications platform and network technologies.

Trilliant continues to be an innovation leader, truly passionate about empowering connectivity for utilities, municipalities and more. Trilliant is the only device-agnostic communications platform that connects utilities to the IIoT.

We have many exciting things to share and look forward to you visiting with us in MR3505 on the exhibit floor. You can drop in to chat and have refreshments or schedule a meeting time with us at our reception counter.  

Recently, we shared how we’re working with customers to prepare for the future with Trilliant technology. Below are a few more updates from the Trilliant side:

AMI 2.0 and the Future of Energy Management

It’s no secret that organizations across the industry are making reinvestments for new and improved AMI technologies. AMI 2.0 will offer greater flexibility and new business opportunities – but it’s important to work with a partner that offers a flexible, agile approach, so you can adapt as needed down the road. Trilliant is focused on the future of energy management and how it will impact our customers – and their customers. We offer the most adaptive AMI solution, delivering the functions and data needed to support our customers’ visions for the Energy Transition. Advanced Trilliant technologies are designed to work with virtually any system to provide a secure, powerful source of data now and for generations to come. 

If you haven’t already started to plan, the time to consider your AMI 2.0 approach is now. Trilliant is here with innovative approaches to help make your plans a reality. ­

Trilliant Around the World

While the world has changed drastically in the last two years, at Trilliant we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to supporting the digital revolution happening around the globe – and to ensuring our customers are successful, no matter their goals or challenges. Here are a few of our highlights from around the globe: 

    • In the APAC region, we’ve deployed more than 3 million smart meters, and momentum is growing. We support some of Asia’s largest energy providers with our agile platform and  technology, and were recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Asia-Pacific Smart Utility Communications Platform Company of the Year. 
    • In North America, we’ve been working with some of the largest utilities in Ontario, as well as municipalities such as the City of Cowansville in Québec. That city’s smart lighting project is enabling it to take advantage of data and prioritize the safety of citizens. It will save time, money and energy, while making it possible to add more applications down the road, if and when it chooses.  Additionally, our data analytics business has increased momentum with our recent acquisitions including delivering our new generation of products that are serving transmission, distribution and energy retailers.
    • In Latin America, we continue to build momentum across Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Colombia with both our SmartGrid and Data Analytics products that deliver measurable improvement to the operational performance and profitability. Stay tuned for more updates on how our scalable solutions can support these customers and their business transitions.
    • We’re also gaining momentum with 1 million cellular deployments in India with plans for another 4 million, and 12 million+ in the United Kingdom. We continue to support additional deployments in the APAC region and will have more details to share in the coming months. 

Our reach is growing around the globe, and we’re proud of the partnerships our local teams have built and continue to develop. No matter where you are in your journey, we have the applications and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Building Smart Approaches

The Trilliant platform is what connects utilities and communities to the IIoT, with security, flexibility and reliability. 

As the Smart Building momentum continues to accelerate, we’re working with more and more building developers and managers. For example, suite metering offers increased efficiencies, and building managers can leverage our platform to gain greater insights into data, along with simpler approaches with the ability to manage services from a single pane of glass. Developers and managers are also keeping a close eye on Electric Vehicle (EV) news, as EV chargers become an increasingly important consideration. 

Turning to Smart Cities, we’re working with customers to take a pragmatic approach, and ensure they plan for the future in an agile way. Planning first steps is important, and can set the stage for how smart applications can be rolled out in the future. The Trilliant team provides the expertise to help you both plan and implement the technologies that will deliver the best outcomes for communities of all sizes.

Take Some Time with Trilliant

These are just a few Trilliant highlights you may have missed. We’d love the chance to connect and share more. Again, we invite you to visit with us over the next two days at MR3505 on the exhibit floor, a perfect place to discuss your plans, or let us answer any questions you might have. Contact us at to book a time that’s convenient for you.

Enjoy the conference!


Author: Nick Matchett
Managing Director, Trilliant Americas